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Shrimp With Sour Cream Recipe

If you are looking for a delicious and easy shrimp with sour cream recipe, then you have come to the right place. We have found a variety of different shrimp dishes, from a Mexican sour cream taco, to a creamy Louisiana shrimp pasta. You will find recipes that use tail-on or tail-off shrimp, and even a sour cream and tomato based shrimp curry.

Tail-on or tail-off shrimp? Which is better?

If you are a regular eater, you’ve likely noticed shrimp tails on your plates. These little tidbits add a bit of visual interest to a dish. While they may seem a bit overpriced, they are actually quite tasty.

There are a few reasons why restaurants leave their shrimp tails on. They are more likely to appear on dishes during the holiday season. Putting a tail on a shrimp also helps maintain its shape and prevent overcooking. The shrimp is also easier to eat when it’s smaller.

Another reason restaurants leave the tails on is for aesthetic purposes. This is particularly true in fine dining establishments. Some shrimp are also treated with chemicals to retain moisture and enhance flavor.

It’s also a bit of a pain to remove a shrimp’s tail from the entree. You’ll want to make the best choice for you based on what you’re serving.

One of the most popular dishes with a tail on is the shrimp cocktail. As a matter of fact, this is the most common shrimp dish served by upscale restaurants. Eating a shrimp cocktail with a tail on can be a challenge, especially when you’re eating with your fingers.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to prepare shrimp with tails on, or off. For the most part, it’s best to cook your shrimp in a shell. But if you’re a fan of fried or poached shrimp, you might be better off removing the tails.

Likewise, some people prefer in-the-peel boiled shrimp. However, this isn’t always the best way to go. In fact, in many cases, peeling a shrimp will do a better job of releasing its juicy contents.

Taking the time to remove the shell before cooking or after cooking will add a lot of flavor and texture to your dish. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy the same flavors without worrying about overcooking or drying out.

A lot of people don’t cook at home. Whether you are a dedicated seafood lover or not, it’s good to try new recipes. That said, you might have to try a few things on your own to find what works for you.

Easy Mexican Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacos are great for a quick and easy weeknight meal. They are also very versatile and can be topped with a variety of different ingredients. Whether you want to make a meal out of slaw and tomatoes or load them up with feta cheese and red cabbage, you can have it all at the ready in less than 20 minutes.

To start making your shrimp tacos, start by prepping all of your ingredients. You can purchase most of the items you need at a grocery store. Once you have all your ingredients ready, it’s just a matter of cooking.

First, make sure your skillet is hot. In a large skillet, heat oil over high heat. Add the shrimp and coat with the oil. Allow the shrimp to cook until it’s opaque and pink.

After the shrimp is cooked, remove it from the heat and set aside. While the shrimp is cooling, prepare your slaw. If you are using sour cream instead of mayo, a tablespoon of fresh cilantro, lemon zest, and salt and pepper are a good addition to the slaw.

Next, add the tortillas. Soft tortillas are best for this recipe. Warm them in a pan over medium heat, about 15-30 seconds on each side. Or you can microwave them in a tortilla warmer. This step will help the tortillas become more pliable and allow them to fold easily.

Now that your tacos are ready, you can fill them with your favorite things. You can add chopped radishes, sliced jalapeno, avocado, salsa, cilantro, or anything else you like. The possibilities are endless!

When you’re ready to serve your shrimp tacos, top them with salsa, sour cream, or chipotle crema. Serve with lime wedges for a delicious, refreshing appetizer. Alternatively, try serving your tacos with feta cheese, pico de gallo, or a homemade guacamole.

These easy Mexican shrimp tacos are a flavorful, quick meal to make for your family. All you need is a little time to prepare the shrimp, and you’re ready to go. Plus, they are low in saturated fat and high in protein.

Creamy Louisiana Shrimp Pasta

If you love shrimp pasta, you are going to love this creamy Louisiana Shrimp Pasta with Sour Cream recipe. It’s delicious, quick to prepare, and perfect for a busy weeknight meal.

Start by chopping the fresh aromatics you will be adding to the sauce. You can use red peppers, garlic, and onions. Add these to the pan when the butter has melted.

You can add some of the cooking water to the pan to help thin the sauce. You can also add milk with cornstarch to thicken the sauce. This is a healthier alternative to heavy whipping cream.

The Cajun spice in this dish gives it a tang. You can serve it with a warm sweetcorn salad or crusty bread.

Another popular recipe on the Cajun theme is Cajun Chicken Pasta. To substitute chicken, you can use cooked Italian sausage. Just be sure that the flavors don’t overpower the dish.

You can also use any pasta noodle you prefer. A wider noodle works best in this recipe.

Next, saute the shrimp in the skillet. You may need to cut up larger shrimp as you go.

Once the shrimp are completely cooked, fold in the pasta into the creamy shrimp sauce. Sprinkle with more cheese if desired. Serve with a side of sour cream.

You can also garnish the dish with chopped fresh parsley. However, this isn’t a mandatory step.

Be sure to use a large pot and allow the pasta to cook to your desired consistency. Make sure to save at least a half cup of the pasta water to use in the sauce.

You can serve this meal with a glass of Prosecco or Pinot noir. It’s the ultimate comfort food. With this easy-to-make recipe, you can have a delicious, restaurant-quality meal in just 30 minutes!

Use a wide noodle like spaghetti or linguine to make this dish. You can add additional spices and seasonings if you desire.

To add even more flavor, you can add a little fresh lemon juice. For extra spiciness, you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Sour cream and tomato based shrimp curry

Sour cream and tomato based shrimp curry is an easy and tasty recipe that can be made in the comfort of your home. All you need to make this tasty dish is a few simple ingredients.

This delicious dish can be served over rice or noodles. It is perfect for a quick dinner. You can even store the leftovers in the refrigerator for up to two days. For an extra touch of flavor, add some lime wedges to your serving.

Start by heating the butter in a small skillet. Then, saute the garlic in the oil for about one minute. Once the garlic is browned, remove from the heat. Next, add the red onion to the pan. Sauté in the remaining oil for a couple minutes until the onions are soft.

Next, add the shrimp to the skillet. Season with salt and pepper. Depending on the size of your shrimp, you may want to remove the tails. Don’t overcook the shrimp. They should be opaque when cooked.

You can use frozen shrimp for this recipe. However, defrosted shrimp should be thoroughly patted dry before cooking. If you’re using canned tomatoes, you can skip the seasoning. When you add the shrimp to the sauce, they will simmer and cook until done. Just be sure to watch the color change.

To serve, garnish the shrimp with lemon wedges and torn/chopped cilantro. Serve the dish over steamed jasmine rice or basmati rice.

Another option for a curry sauce is passata. Passata is a seedless Italian tomato sauce that is also sweetened. Passata is sold at grocery stores. Paprika and chili powder are also great additions.

Lastly, if you prefer a coconut curry flavor, you can also add coconut milk to the mixture. Alternatively, you can use cashew cream. Cashew cream is plant-based and has a milder flavor than coconut milk. But it will change the nutritional values of the recipe.

This recipe for Super Easy Sour Cream and Tomato Based Shrimp Curry takes just a few minutes to make and is easy to store in the refrigerator.

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