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Molo Soup Recipe – Pork Dumplings in Molo Soup

Molo soup is an excellent dish to make for a dinner party or family meal. It’s a great, filling meal for a cold day and you can freeze leftovers for future meals. You can make a batch in advance, and store in a freezer bag for a quick and easy dinner. This molo soup recipe includes pork dumplings, toasted garlic, scallions, and Shallots.

Pork dumplings

Pork dumplings in molo soup is an Asian favorite. It is a hearty and flavorful dish with shredded chicken, green onion, and garlic. Traditionally, this soup is served for lunch or dinner.

The pork wonton dumplings are cooked for about six minutes. They can be made ahead and stored in an airtight container for up to a month. You can also freeze them, so you can enjoy them whenever you want. This will ensure that the wontons hold up well to reheating.

If you’re looking to save time, you can purchase store-bought wontons. Just make sure to keep them in a plastic container in the freezer.

Once you have your wontons, you can either cook them straight from frozen or defrost them. Cooking from frozen will add about eight minutes to the process.

If you plan to use the wontons in molo soup, you should combine the ingredients before cooking. Make sure to add enough shrimp paste and kosher salt to the mixture. In addition, you should also use fish sauce. For additional flavor, you can add pechay or water chestnuts.

Before cooking the wontons, be sure to lay them on a clean, dry surface. Fold them into a triangle shape. Seal the edges with your finger. Add about half a teaspoon of ground pork filling in the center. Put the right corner over the left tip. Roll them up past the center.

When you are ready to serve the soup, be sure to stir the broth and let it float to the top. Garnish with green onions and fried garlic bits. Serve with a variety of noodles. Alternatively, you can serve the soup with rice or sliced veggies.


Molo soup has been around since time immemorial. Having tried my fair share of it over the years I haven’t yet been disappointed. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of the dish there are a few tips and tricks to make it a winner. The main trick is to use fresh ingredients rather than premade packets. Also be sure to rinse off your garlic prior to cooking, as the mercaptans will get in the way.

Aside from the usual suspects such as chicken and noodles, molo soup can be loaded with other edibles such as shrimp, bok choy, spinach, and carrots. You can even add a dash of tangy goodness to the dish for an even more decadent experience. Lastly, there is a little known fact that molo soup is a great source of protein and calcium. To maximize your health and well being, make sure you eat an adequate amount of vegetables and lean meats. This is an especially good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

The best part is that molo soup can be made in a snap. It only takes a couple of minutes to prep the dishes and a few more to throw together a pot of molo soup. With a few tips and tricks, you too can enjoy a home cooked meal in under an hour. For even more scrumptious fare, be sure to include a few extra dumplings for good measure.

What’s more, you can freeze the leftovers for later use. If you’re a nitpicker, you can also skip the tedious process of boiling and peeling each and every dumpling.


Pancit molo is a Filipino dish that has a large number of ingredients. The triumvirate of noodles, ground pork and shrimp is topped off with a healthy helping of garlic, scallion and ginger for a hearty, comforting meal.

Although this is a popular dish in Iloilo, the recipe is not confined to the islands. This noodle soup is a staple in most Filipino kitchens. It is the perfect complement to other Filipino dishes. You can make a batch of this soup in advance and reheat it when the craving hits. For a more complex version of this simple dish, try this recipe for molo soup with rice.

Using a bowl as your vessel, pour a small amount of oil into it. Add in the garlic and let it toast. When it is a bit golden brown, turn off the heat. If you are using a stove, you can re-heat the pot over low-medium heat. In the meantime, chop the scallion.

Now that you have toasted the garlic, add the main ingredients into a pot and bring to a boil. While the soup is simmering, you can prepare the molo balls. To get the most out of your molo soup, use the broth in which it was cooked. Also, if you have time, you can shred the chicken meat. Adding this to the soup is an interesting concept and will give you a much heartier meal.

Besides the molo, you might want to include other ingredients to round out your soup. Aside from the requisite noodles, you can also add in the likes of bok choy, green onions and pechay. Alternatively, you can try making your own stock out of boiled chicken or ham bones.

Toasted garlic garnish

Toasted garlic garnish is an important part of a Filipino soup, particularly Molo soup. It is used as a spice and can be served with the soup for an additional flavor.

When adding toasted garlic to a bowl of soup, be sure to cook it over a low heat. This will allow the toasted garlic to continue to crisp up.

If you are using a vegetable oil, be sure to saturate the cloves before cooking them. A light golden brown color is ideal. The amount of time you cook it will depend on the age of the cloves.

If you are making a chicken soup, be sure to use bone-in pieces of chicken. This ensures a full-bodied flavor. Chicken broth is also needed to give the soup its flavor. You can make your own chicken stock, or choose to buy it. Once it is boiled, you can lower the simmer and add the chicken and shrimp to the pot.

For a roasted tomato soup, you can use 2 cups of broth and 2 cups of roasted tomatoes. You can serve this dish with fresh herbs and croutons. Alternatively, you can try topping it with a swirl of cream. Lastly, you can garnish it with a cracked pepper.

Toasted garlic is a great addition to any soup, but it is particularly delicious in Molo soup. Add this to your next batch of chicken broth and enjoy a hearty, healthy dish. It’s perfect for a cold, rainy day.

If you’re looking for another option for a garnish, try hummus. This popular Middle Eastern dip can be found in many different flavors. Hummus is often made with chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini.

Storing molo soup in the freezer

If you love a soup but don’t always have the time to make one, storing a molo soup recipe in the freezer can give you the same great taste without the hassle. You can make a batch of your favorite soup and store it in the freezer for up to three months.

The best way to freeze a soup is to put it in an airtight container. You can purchase these containers at your local grocery store, but it is also simple to make them yourself. Just remember to follow the tips below to ensure the recipe is stored safely and efficiently.

There are two main reasons you should store your soup in the freezer. The first is to protect it from freezer burn. Freezing a hot soup will produce large ice crystals, which can cause the soup to become mushy once it thaws. Another reason to keep your soup in the freezer is to preserve the flavor.

One of the best ways to get the most out of your soup is to prepare it ahead of time. This way, you can ensure you have a warm meal when you need it. You can also pre-heat the soup in the microwave if you plan on reheating it later.

There are many recipes available for making a soup the right way. Some of them are vegan, gluten-free, and even low-calorie. However, the most important factor in storing your soup is to ensure it is safe. In order to prevent freezing damage, you should make sure your soup is kept at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important to label each container, to ensure you don’t forget what you are putting into it.

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