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The History of the Industry Sour Recipe

The industry sour recipe is a traditional sour cocktail made with bourbon, lime juice, lemon juice, and bitters. It is a great drink for a night out with friends, and is easy to prepare. However, there are many variations on the industry sour recipe, and each one has its own flavor. This article will cover the history of the sour, the various ingredients that go into it, and the different ways to enjoy it.


One of the more popular alcoholic concoctions on the rocks is the industry sour. It may have started as a concoction of lemon and bourbon, but the modern day version combines a variety of ingredients, including gin, rye, and whiskey. Some versions even feature exotic ingredients such as rum, maracuya, and passion fruit. Regardless of its ingredients, one thing is for sure. The sour is a cocktail connoisseur’s delight. However, the best sour cocktails can be a tad pricey. If you want to stick to the budget, make sure you do your research before ordering a sour.

For proof, there is a bartender named Ted Kilgore, whose specialty is the sour. As a seasoned drinker himself, he’s got a few tips for getting the sour bug to snooze. Using the correct type of spirits is the key to getting that perfect sour. Once you’ve got that sour in the mix, you can add a splash of lime and some ice to get that signature sour flavor. Alternatively, you can just add some cold brew coffee to your sour and call it a day. Whether you’re in the mood to try your hand at a mixology competition or just looking for a relaxing cocktail to sip, the sour is a good place to start. With a few tips and tricks, a well crafted sour will prove to be the most memorable boozy night you’ve ever had.


The industry sour is a bourbon whiskey concoction, but the recipe may be augmented with a variety of other ingredients. It’s a drink that has been around since the early days of prohibition, but it has taken on new life in recent years. This cocktail is usually served over ice and paired with a maraschino cherry. There are a few variants on this particular cocktail, so you may want to explore the many different variations to find the one that best suits your tastebuds.

For instance, you might want to try a bourbon sour with a dash of gin or tequila to get the full sour effect. However, you will need to shake and strain it correctly to get the most out of it. Another option is to use a good quality whisky such as rye. Having a little smokiness to it will do wonders for the tastebuds.

You will also want to include a hint of coconut charcoal to add a little sparkle. Similarly, you can also garnish with an edible flower. Using a combination of these ingredients can produce a cocktail worthy of a high-end bartender.

One thing is for sure, the industry sour has changed the face of cocktails. If you’re looking for a tasty libation that’s a bit different, try an industry sour concoction, or even an industry sour gin and tonic. These drinks are a cinch to make, so it’s worth trying your hand at a few variations and seeing which ones come out on top. Try to find the best possible combination of ingredients and you’ll be well on your way to making the best sour in town. In fact, you might even like it so much you’ll be able to turn the drink into a cocktail night staple.

In the end, it all comes down to which one is better for you. Whether you choose the smoky sour or the bourbon sour, you’ll be rewarded with a great drink that’s sure to please. And you might just be surprised that it’s not your grandfather.

History of the sour cocktail

If you are looking for a classic cocktail, you should try a Whiskey Sour. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. It is a drink for any occasion.

A sour is made up of two parts liquor, one part citrus and a small amount of water. It has been the basis for a variety of more complex cocktails. In some cases, an egg white is added.

The origins of the sour cocktail can be traced back to the British Royal Navy. During the 16th century, sailors suffered from scurvy, which is caused by a lack of Vitamin C. This disease crippled ship crews. Scurvy also led to malnutrition and sea sickness. While sailors sailed, they brought a ration of alcohol with them for safe drinking. Some sailors mixed rum with lime juice to make a Grog, which was nicknamed the “limey”.

Later, English sailors substituted gin for brandy. This gave rise to a variety of sour cocktails. Gin Punch, Brandy Sour, and Daiquiri are just some of the sour types. These were popular throughout the 1800s.

After the invention of the steamship, traveling by sea was more convenient. But, it was difficult to carry ice aboard. Frederic “Ice King” Tudor played an important role in the invention of cocktails in the U.S. His influence extended into other countries.

The first written recipe for a sour was published in Jerry Thomas’ 1862 book, The Bartender’s Guide. It was also the first mention of a Whiskey Sour.

Originally, the Whiskey Sour was made with commercial sour mix. Thomas codified it into a black and white version, which was adorned with berries. He also urged bartenders to use a small bar glass for the sour.

However, convenience was often more important than flavor. Eventually, a pre-bottled mixer replaced the juice and sugar. With the advent of Prohibition, base spirits became more difficult to get.

Today, there are hundreds of variations of sour drinks. One of the most popular is the New York Sour. This cocktail is based on the Whiskey Sour, but adds red wine.

Drink with bourbon

The industry sour is a popular cocktail that usually is made with bourbon and lemon juice. This classic drink is often served over ice and garnished with a maraschino cherry. It is a popular after dinner drink that can be customized to fit your tastes.

This sour cocktail is a classic drink that has been around for many years. The recipe is simple and it mixes whiskey flavors with sour ingredients. Aside from its traditional flavor, the whiskey sour has been updated to include different ingredients and cultural influences. If you want to make a sour with a different flavor, you can try a sour with red wine. Adding a bottle of wine to the sour will add a deep red color and will also help to enhance the flavors.

Some of the ingredients in this sour drink with bourbon include bourbon brandy, lemon juice, and sugar. These ingredients are combined in a blender and then strained into a glass. An edible flower, such as an orange slice, can be placed on top to garnish the drink.

While the industry sour is a classic, you can try a newer version by adding red wine. It is a very refreshing drink that can be enjoyed during the summer. Red wine is added to the sour to give it a beautiful and unique look. You can even use a bar spoon to do so.

This sour drink with bourbon is great for any occasion. It is especially appropriate for the holiday season. Having a sour drink with a little spice and a lot of sweetness will ensure that you don’t end up overindulging. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just enjoying a relaxing night in, this cocktail is a delicious choice.

If you’re looking for a sour drink with a twist, you can try the New York Sour. It’s easy to make and looks incredible. It is one of the most popular variations of the sour drink. Using red wine will transform a Boston sour into a New York sour.

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