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New Mexico Posole Recipe For the Slow Cooker

Posole is a traditional Mexican soup that uses hominy. This hearty and flavorful stew is simmered for hours with large white corn kernels.

This delicious recipe is easy to make in the slow cooker, and it tastes even better when reheated!


New Mexico posole is a classic Mexican soup that boasts an irresistibly flavor. Not only that, but this hearty and comforting dish can be served with various garnishes and toppings to enhance its already delectable taste.

This recipe calls for pork, hominy and dried chiles – all great ingredients to make this slow cooker recipe in no time! With such a quick and effortless meal that your family is sure to love, why wait any longer? Get cooking now?

This recipe is packed with robust pork flavor that you will love, and it’s made in the slow cooker so you can enjoy this crock pot pork posole anytime! The crock pot helps keep the pork tender and moist while creating an irresistible broth from fresh chiles in this dish.

Start by browning the pork with onions and some chile powder, salt, and pepper. Doing this will give it a deeper color and more flavor when transferred to the slow cooker.

Once the pork has browned, add it to a crock pot with hominy, dried chiles, a bay leaf and spices. Stir together until fully combined before cooking on low for 3 hours.

Once the pork and hominy are cooked, remove from the slow cooker and discard the bay leaf. Skim off any fat that has formed on top of the broth before tasting for salt.

If the broth contains excessive salt, add more water to cover. This will help reduce the salt in the soup and make it more flavorful.

This crock pot posole recipe is so effortless to prepare that you’ll have a new favorite comfort food in no time! The rich, savory taste will have you craving more every time.

This classic soup can be served with shredded cabbage, lime wedges, radishes, avocado and crumbled queso fresco. For an extra special touch you could serve the soup with warm tortillas if desired.

This crock pot pork posole recipe is packed with flavor and perfect for entertaining friends and family! The chiles add an extra layer of depth, giving the dish a rich, savory taste that you won’t find anywhere else. Make this your go-to dinner party recipe today!


Posole, a classic Mexican dish made with hominy and pork, is an indispensable staple for many families. Not only is it quick to prepare but also packed full of protein – perfect for special occasions!

Classic recipes require a lot of time and energy, but making one at home is simple with the slow cooker. All that’s required are some basic ingredients and some planning, resulting in an authentic and delicious meal that the whole family will love.

First, you’ll want to brown the pork pieces on a stovetop. This is the simplest step but also essential as it guarantees that the meat will be thoroughly cooked through.

Preparing hominy requires two steps. Either soak it overnight in water or use a bag of dry posole that you purchase from your grocery store.

Once the hominy is cooked, add it to a pot along with the enchilada sauce, onions, garlic and dried chile peppers. Mix everything together then pour in enough water to fill the slow cooker halfway.

Enchilada sauce has chiles for added heat, but if you don’t want your diners overly stimulated by it, feel free to skip the chiles and opt for a milder version instead.

This recipe makes a large batch, so you should plan ahead and prepare it at least two days in advance. Additionally, the finished soup can be stored refrigerated for up to two weeks in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Serve the new mexico posole recipe with multiple garnishes, such as shredded cabbage, lime wedges, sliced radishes and avocado. For an extra special touch, add a dollop of sour cream for a creamy smooth texture that complements the meaty flavor of the soup.


This crock pot pork posole recipe is the ideal comfort food, packed with hearty and robust flavors from chilis. Not only that, it’s easy to make too – perfect for entertaining family and friends!

Posole (pronounced puh-soh-lay) is a beloved Mexican soup known for its comforting and hearty taste and aroma. It has become an indispensable part of many Mexican meals and often served at special occasions like holidays, birthdays or weddings.

Traditional posole recipes typically call for soaking dried hominy, which can take time. If you’re looking for a quicker option to get your hominy soaked, try this new mexico posole recipe using frozen hominy.

Once your hominy has been soaked, add it to the slow cooker along with all other ingredients. Cook on LOW for around 4 hours or until pork and hominy are tender and falling apart.

The next step is to add the enchilada sauce and chipotles in adobo to the slow cooker. You can either make your own homemade enchilada sauce or purchase pre-made.

You may need to add more liquid than expected in order for the chiles to absorb some of the sauce as they cook. Be sure to include plenty of water so that all of it reaches the bottom of the crock pot.

Traditionally, soup is served with garnishes such as shredded lettuce, cabbage, radishes, avocado and crumbled queso fresco. This makes a great option for kids since they get to pick their own toppings!

Another option is to serve this soup on its own. Garnish it with fresh cilantro, lime wedges and chips or corn tortillas for a tasty twist!

Pork is the traditional meat choice in this crock pot posole recipe, but chicken works just as well. You could also substitute other cuts of meat commonly found in traditional recipes – like country style pork ribs – which are thick and tender pieces from close to the blade end of the loin close to your shoulder blade.


Posole is a traditional Mexican soup with a clear broth that can be made with chicken or pork. It’s quick and easy to prepare, making it the perfect weeknight dinner choice. Plus, you can prep ahead of time and reheat on the stove top or microwave.

This recipe is an ideal way to involve your family in creating a nutritious dinner. It takes only minutes in the slow cooker and you can serve it with various garnishes that add flavor and vibrancy.

This recipe’s ingredients are accessible and affordable, often found in most kitchens. These include hominy, chiles, garlic and spices.

Many of these ingredients can be found in the spice section at your grocery store; however, some may need to be purchased from specialty markets or online. It’s essential that you get a quality brand with all of the necessary components for an amazing bowl of posole.

Make this delicious mexican posole recipe by first browning the pork in a Dutch oven over medium high heat. Doing this is the simplest way to ensure your posole will be tasty and tender without fear of burning or drying out.

Once the pork has browned, transfer it to your slow cooker. Stir in chiles, enchilada sauce and hominy before pouring enough water to cover the bottom of your slow cooker.

Once the pork has finished cooking, remove it from the slow cooker and shred with two forks. Return it to its pot, cover, and simmer for an additional 15 minutes or so.

This classic Mexican posole dish is often garnished with multiple garnishes, such as shredded cabbage, radishes, avocado, cilantro, onion, lime wedges and even crumbled queso fresco. The possibilities are endless for this new mexico posole recipe sure to please everyone at your table!

This recipe is incredibly versatile, as you can use canned chipotles or dried ancho and guajillo chiles. For an even more flavorful dish, roasting a head of garlic before use adds extra depth.

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