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Pea and Ham Pasta With Creamy Parmesan Sauce

This pasta dish with ham and peas has a creamy sauce on the top – the perfect way to use up leftover holiday ham!

Fettucine alla papalina is an Italian pasta dish similar to carbonara with lots of Parmesan cheese, ham instead of guanciale, and an unexpected addition: peas!

Creamy Parmesan Sauce

Pea and ham pasta with creamy parmesan sauce is one of those dinners that comes together quickly with minimal ingredients. Whether you use it as a topping for oven-roasted chicken or layer it on top of steamed vegetables, you’re sure to love how this sauce adds an extra special touch!

This sauce is created with a roux that thickens quickly when mixed with milk and some broth. It is then flavored with garlic and freshly grated Parmesan cheese for an irresistibly salty kick.

This creamy parmesan sauce is the ideal accompaniment for any dish that calls for a thick, cheesey sauce. Try it over pasta, steamed veggies or pizza!

A high quality block of aged Parmesan is essential for optimal flavor. You can either grate it by hand using a cheese grater or microplane, or purchase pre-shredded in a package.

If you’re making this sauce with pre-shredded cheese, it may be beneficial to take the extra step and grate it yourself; prepackaged varieties can often have large pieces of gritty cheese which can affect the overall flavor.

The sauce can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days when kept in a sealed container. To reheat, gently warm it with some water to prevent splitting.

While your pasta is cooking, saute shallots in a skillet with some olive oil over medium-high heat. Once they’re tender, add ham and peas; then pour in cream and simmer until thickened, about 5 minutes.

If the sauce is too thick for your liking, add reserved pasta water. The starch in the water acts as an excellent thickener.

Once the pasta has finished cooking, drain and reserve about 1/2 cup of the pasta water for any sauce that calls for pasta water. Doing this helps prevent your sauce from being too thick and will also thin it as you toss in the pasta with sauce.

This recipe makes enough sauce to coat 8 oz. of fettuccine pasta in a delicious creamy tomato-flavored sauce. If you’d like more, simply add more cream or reserved pasta water while simmering the sauce. Be sure not to let the sauce cool too quickly after cooling so that it stays thin and creamy throughout.


Ham and peas are a beloved combination in many cuisines. This pasta dish adds an exciting, creamy garlic sauce for an unexpected twist to this traditional meal – perfect if you’re looking for an easy dinner the whole family will enjoy! Give this recipe a try to see what works best for your family!

This quick and simple pasta sauce utilizes butter, garlic, ham, and peas to create a light and delectable dish that’s ready in just 30 minutes! You can make it in your Instant Pot or on the stovetop – whatever works best for your family’s dinner!

This comforting dish features a creamy sauce combined with fettuccine noodles, ham and frozen peas. It’s the perfect way to use up leftover holiday ham!

The fettuccine cooks quickly, giving you enough time to sautee garlic and then stir in a mixture of ham, wine, cream and peas. Simmer this mixture for several minutes to thicken and reduce the sauce.

Before draining the pasta, reserve a cup or two of its cooking water to thin out the sauce later on. Doing so will also help thaw frozen peas so they are easier to stir into the dish.

This pasta sauce is so effortless, you can make it in just 30 minutes either with the Instant Pot or on the stovetop! The cream and broth release starch into the pasta water to create a thick and creamy sauce that pairs perfectly with fresh or frozen peas.

Make this delicious dish for Easter or whenever you have leftover ham in your refrigerator. The flavors are similar to Alfredo sauce, but easier to make in the Instant Pot or on the stovetop!

This creamy sauce has a subtle, garlicky flavor that pairs perfectly with ham and peas. If you prefer something milder, substitute half and half for the cream.

This quick recipe is the ideal dinner for a hectic weeknight! You can use up any leftover holiday ham or use it as lunch meat on the go!


Ham is an Italian classic ingredient used in many dishes. It’s popularly featured in meatloaf, pasta dishes and more – my personal favorite being pea and ham pasta with all that added flavor!

Are you in search of a quick and effortless dinner for the family? Look no further than this easy one pot pea and ham pasta recipe! With only a few ingredients needed, it takes less than 30 minutes to cook in either an instant pot or on the stovetop – plus, it’s the perfect way to use up leftover ham!

This creamy dish features the delicious flavors of ham, tender pasta and sweet peas. It’s sure to please everyone’s palate in an irresistibly comforting combination!

This creamy dish is the perfect way to use up leftover ham. You can prepare the sauce up to a day in advance and store it in your fridge; when you’re ready to enjoy, simply heat it up in the oven!

To make the sauce, melt some butter in a large skillet. Then add your ham and garlic, cooking until they are cooked through. Slowly drizzle in broth, one teaspoon at a time while whisking constantly to help the mixture thicken.

Once the sauce has thickened, you can add it to pasta along with some frozen peas. I often make this dish for my family when I have leftover ham and peas in the fridge.

Once the pasta, ham and peas have been added, simmer it for several minutes until everything is hot and heated through. Garnish with fresh herbs before serving – enjoy!

This creamy ham and pea pasta recipe is the ideal way to use up any leftover ham you may have. With cream and Parmesan cheese, it creates a rich, creamy sauce that the whole family will love! Plus, you can bake it in the oven for an even more delectable casserole the next day!


Ham and pea pasta is an iconic Italian recipe that’s simple to prepare with a light, creamy sauce. This one-pot dish makes the ideal quick lunch or dinner on busy weeknights; it’s filled with short pasta, ham, and peas – plus you get to use up any leftover ham!

You can either use frozen peas or drained canned peas in this recipe. Frozen peas don’t need to be thawed and cook much faster than fresh peas do.

To begin this recipe, heat a large skillet with butter over medium-high heat and add diced ham and chopped onions. Cook, stirring frequently for several minutes until onions are softened and the ham is cooked through. Gently stir in frozen peas and simmer for several more minutes.

If you’d like to make this recipe lighter, substitute dried peas for fresh. If using fresh peas, be sure to par-boil them first for several minutes before adding them to the pasta sauce.

A quick and effortless one pot pasta dish made with short pasta, ham, and peas. This satisfying weeknight dinner is sure to please the entire family!

Cream sauce can easily be thickened by stirring together cornstarch and water. This step is optional, but it helps give your sauce that extra richness!

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it thoroughly. Reserve about 14 of the cooking liquid for the sauce.

Next, stir in the drained pasta to the pot with the ham and peas. Finally, pour over double (heavy) cream on top and cook for approximately two minutes until sauce thickens.

This recipe is ideal for leftover ham, but you can use any type of ham you wish. Depending on how salty the ham is, you may need to adjust the amounts of salt and pepper accordingly.

To serve, spoon the ham and peas over your favorite cooked pasta or noodles – I like elbow macaroni or egg noodles! You could also toast some bread before serving this creamy sauce on top.

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