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Cheesecake Factory Fried Mac and Cheese Balls Recipe

Macaroni and cheese is a great comfort food, but it doesn’t have to be boring. The Cheesecake Factory has a few dishes on its menu that are a step above the average pasta.

One of those dishes is the famous fried mac and cheese balls. We’ve got a copycat recipe that will have you licking your fingers in no time.


In this recipe, macaroni and cheese is shaped into small balls, then breaded and deep fried. The result is a delicious symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more.

The best part is that you can make these fried mac and cheese balls at home with a few simple ingredients! All you need is a box of macaroni and cheese, bread crumbs, and a deep fryer.

To start, cook the macaroni noodles according to package instructions. Drain, then set aside to cool.

While the pasta is cooling, prepare the creamy sauce. In a saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add flour, then whisk together until a paste forms. Next, stir in milk and cheeses. Mix well, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Once the cheese is melted, transfer to a medium-sized serving dish. If desired, garnish with chopped basil.

Refrigerate the cheese for two hours. Shape the mac and cheese into medium-sized balls and set them on a tray lined with wax paper. You can freeze the mac and cheese balls overnight.

Just before cooking, remove the mac and cheese from the freezer so that they are not too cold. Dip a few of the mac and cheese balls in the egg mixture, roll them around to fully coat, then drop them in the Panko bread crumbs.

Repeat this process for all the mac and cheese balls until you have coated them all. Return the mac and cheese balls to the freezer until you are ready to fry them.

Once the mac and cheese balls are fried, they are served with a side of creamy marinara sauce. This makes a perfect appetizer or dinner!

These fried mac and cheese balls are one of the most popular dishes at the Cheesecake Factory. They are also the perfect meal prep food for Ramadan. You can make these ahead of time and store them in the freezer for at least two months so that you can have a quick meal or snack during this fasting month!


One of the most popular items on the menu at Cheesecake Factory is their fried mac and cheese balls. This cheesy appetizer may seem intimidating at first glance, but it’s actually quite simple to make.

Before frying, you’ll want to chill your mac and cheese. This will help prevent the macaroni from overcooking and turning into a soggy mess once it hits the oil. You’ll also want to get the right type of oil for your purposes – vegetable or peanut are the best bets for these tasty morsels.

You’ll also need a decent set of kitchen tools. This includes a good quality pair of scissors, and a measuring tape with the right sized handle. The aforementioned scissors should have an end result that is a few inches long, whereas the measuring device will likely be on the short side since you’ll probably be making these a few at a time. Lastly, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got a good quality cooking spoon. The best kind of chef’s spoon is a high-end utensil that has a large enough grip to hold the food without slipping off the edge.


You’ll love this deliciously copycat version of Cheesecake Factory’s fried mac and cheese balls recipe. They’re easy to make and a perfect appetizer or meal prep food.

They’re also a great way to get kids involved in the cooking process. They can help shape the macaroni and cheese, dunk it in egg mixture and roll it in breadcrumbs, then deep fry it.

First, cook your pasta according to the package instructions. It should be just a bit under al dente. This is the best way to avoid mushy fried mac and cheese.

After the noodles have cooled, scoop them out and form into balls about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Place each ball on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Repeat until all your macaroni is shaped.

Then, freeze the mac and cheese balls for about two hours. After that, shape them into medium-sized balls and transfer to a wax paper-lined baking sheet.

To coat the mac and cheese balls, combine eggs with milk in one bowl and bread crumbs in another. Dip a few at a time in the egg wash, then roll them in the breadcrumbs to fully cover the balls.

Once all the mac and cheese balls have been dipped in the egg wash and rolled in the bread crumbs, put them back into the freezer until you’re ready to fry them.

For this cheesecake factory fried mac and cheese balls recipe, I used three types of cheese: Muenster, shredded mild cheddar and Monterey Jack. You can use any combination of cheese you like for this dish.

You can use your favorite marinara sauce or Alfredo sauce as a dipping sauce. Then, serve these delicious fried mac and cheese balls with your favorite sides.

If you don’t have a deep-fat fryer, you can easily make this cheesecake factory fried mac and cheese recipe in the oven. Heat the oil to 350 degrees F and fry until the balls are golden brown and the center is hot, about 5 minutes.

I served these fried mac and cheese balls with a creamy marinara sauce, but you can use whatever sauce you prefer. They’re a perfect addition to your Ramadan menu!


Mac and cheese is a popular meal in many cultures and can be used to make many different dishes. If you are looking for a dish that will stand out from the crowd, look no further than this Cheesecake Factory fried mac and cheese balls recipe. It is a fun and easy appetizer or light dinner that is sure to be the hit of your next gathering.

The serving size of this cheesy delight is on the small side, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your fill! Luckily, there are plenty of copycat recipes out there to help you recreate this culinary masterpiece in your own kitchen.

While it is true that the frying process can be a little bit tricky, the final product is definitely worth the effort. A few tips to keep in mind before you dive into the oil include:

For example, a good rule of thumb is to always use vegetable or canola oil for this recipe.

In addition, you should be sure to keep an eye on your oil temp. If it gets too hot, the balls can burn before they get golden and oozy!

Lastly, you should be sure to remove the fried mac and cheese balls from the fryer to a paper towel lined plate to drain off any excess grease. You can also store these tasty morsels in the fridge for up to 2 days.

You can also try making a double batch and freezing some of them for future use! This cheesecake factory fried mac and cheese balls recipe is a fun and easy way to satisfy your cravings.

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