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Vietnamese Nui Xao Bo Recipe

Nui xao bo, or Vietnamese beef noodle soup, is a staple in most Vietnamese homes. Using ingredients such as pasta, beef, onions, and sauce, this recipe makes for a great meal. Whether you’re looking to try out a new recipe or just looking for a quick meal, this soup will satisfy your hunger.


Nui Xao Bo is one of the most popular dishes in Saigon. It’s a mix of Western and Asian ingredients, with a touch of spice. A common variation is adding fried egg on top. This recipe is easy to make and will give you a delicious meal.

First, you need to make the sauce. Add about two tablespoons of oil to a large skillet and heat it. Next, fry the garlic for one minute. You can also add some sugar, rice cooking wine and some soy sauce. Then, add a quarter cup of sliced onion and cook.

Now that you’ve prepared the sauce, add a couple of tablespoons of beef to the pan. If you’re using cubed steak, you can skip the beef and just add the vegetables. If you’re using ground chicken or pork, you’ll want to stir-fry the meat separately.

Stir-fry pasta is quick and easy. It’s also a nutrient-rich dish. Just make sure to rinse the pasta and use plenty of water while you’re cooking. Once the pasta is cooked, you can serve it right away or store it in the refrigerator for up to three months.

Vietnamese Beef Pasta Stir-Fry is great for any meal. A savory sauce coats the pasta, vegetables and beef. Try this easy recipe today!

After you’ve made the Nui Xao Bo, you can serve it with lettuce or iceberg lettuce. Some people also like to add cilantro to the dish. For a more authentic taste, you may even try garnishing the dish with fresh chilis.

Nui Xao Thit Bo is a quick and simple recipe for a healthy meal. You can even save this dish in the fridge for up to five days.


Vietnamese Nui Xao Bo is an easy to prepare stir-fried noodle dish. It is a blend of Western and Asian ingredients. The recipe uses onions, beef, and pasta. You can make this dish by following the steps below.

Start by marinating the beef in garlic, pepper, and salt. Marinate for at least 15 minutes. After marinating, you need to sear the beef in vegetable oil. Once it is browned, add the tomatoes and stir-fry for two minutes. Keep stirring the beef and vegetables until everything is cooked. Serve the beef on a bed of lettuce and cucumbers. If you want, you can also serve the beef with an optional dipping sauce.

Next, prepare the sauce. You can use soy sauce, rice vinegar, and honey to make the sauce. Use half the stir-fry sauce to coat the pasta, and the rest to make the beef and vegetables cook. In addition, you can also add more fresh chilis and vegetables.

For the beef, you can choose between cubed steak or thinly sliced beef. You can also use ground pork or chicken. This recipe requires just a quarter pound of meat. Cooking time is only 30 minutes.

A common variation of Nui Xao Bo is to add a fried egg to the dish. The dish is very popular in Saigon. However, it is not a popular home-cooked meal. Make sure you have good quality beef when you are cooking it. Also, you need to use high heat.

The Nui Xao Bo recipe is easy to make and you can follow the steps below to cook it at home. It is also very delicious. Watch the video below to see how the recipe is made.


The Nui Xao, also spelled as Nui Xao, is a Vietnamese dish that uses both Western and Asian ingredients to create a tastefully balanced dish. While not as complex as it sounds, it requires some preparation. It can be as simple as a quick marinade or as involved as a multi-hour affair. In addition to its traditional Vietnamese concoctions, the Xao is known to contain many foreign ingredients, including pasta, beef and pork. As such, the recipe can be a little pricier than expected. However, if you are looking for a delicious meal to keep you and your family full and satisfied, this one is for you.

A nifty little nui Xao can be made with ground chicken, beef or pork. However, if you are after the meaty kind, you’ll want to opt for a cut that has been marinated for at least 15 minutes. Some variations on the theme may call for oyster sauce and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Of course, you’ll also want to check the labels before buying. You’ll need the right type of pasta and a large surface area for the best results.


Vietnamese nui xao bo is a fusion of Western ingredients and Asian counterparts. It embodies the old school adage, “nothing is better than what you make yourself.” Fortunately, making this classic dish is not as intimidating as it might sound. The recipe uses a couple of pantry staples and requires minimal prep.

Although the nui xao bo is not as popular in the US as it is in Vietnam, it is a big deal among the Saigon set. It is the cheapest, easiest, and most time efficient way to cook up a quick meal. While preparing a bowl of this rich, meaty concoction isn’t a stroll in the park, it will make your taste buds thank you.

There are two types of nui xao bo: the luc lac and the trung. Both are surprisingly easy to prepare. Whether you use a steak, ground chicken, or a mixture of the two, the final product is bound to please the palate. Unlike your standard pot of pasta, you can eat it straight out of the skillet without worry. This is especially true if you opt for brown rice.

For starters, a spoonful of rice flour and a few drops of water in a wok should get the job done. Adding a handful of eggs to the mix should help produce a golden colored sauce. In addition, you may want to consider stirring the beef and vegetables in separate batches, as it will take less time to finish.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a few frozen peas. These green beans will add a touch of sweetness to the savory dish, while giving it a nice texture.

Typical snack in Vietnam

Vietnamese snacks come in a variety of varieties. You’ll find many of them in Vietnam’s small shops and street stalls. These dishes range from spicy to sweet. Some snacks are traditional and others are newer additions.

Vietnamese pancakes are also commonly found in restaurants. Unlike American pancakes, these are made from rice flour and coconut milk. They are usually shaped into rectangular cakes and fried. The surface is coated with white sesame seeds. Depending on the region, the pancakes may contain meat, egg, or even quail eggs.

In northern Vietnam, porridge is a popular snack. This soup is served with an egg, and it is also served with peanuts, fresh herbs, and pork trotters.

Another northern snack is tofu pudding. This is a creamy, chewy dessert that comes in various flavors. It’s often served with a tangy lime and pepper dipping sauce.

Another classic Vietnamese snack is the grilled banana. This snack is typically sourced from the region of Ben Tre in North Central Vietnam. Grilled banana is a delicious snack and it has been known to be a favorite among locals. Many vendors will season it with a variety of spices, but you can also get it without any spices.

Other Vietnamese snacks include dried shrimp, Chinese sausage, jicama, and carrot. Dried fruits, especially during the Lunar New Year, are very popular.

Nui xao bo is a delicious snack that combines Western ingredients with Asian ones. Watch a video to see how the dish is prepared.

The bananas used to make the grilled banana are peeled and then wrapped in sticky rice. They are then seasoned. Sometimes, they are served with crushed peanuts.

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