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Husbands Delight Recipe

Husbands delight is a great recipe that is sure to please any man who wants to cook up something delicious and satisfying. It is an easy-to-make dish that features a tasty Hamburger topped with a tangy Tomato sauce and creamy sour cream. The sauce and sour cream give this dish a unique flavor that is hard to beat.

Tomato sauce

If you’re looking for a tasty and easy to make meal, you should consider making Husband’s Delight Casserole. It features an array of ingredients, such as ground beef, egg noodles, cheese, and tomato sauce. The best part is, it only takes about an hour to prepare! Besides, this casserole is a great comfort food for the family to enjoy.

When you’re cooking for your family, it’s best to go with recipes that are sure to delight them. This is why Husband’s Delight Casserole is a go-to recipe for us. The recipe uses several tasty ingredients, like a tasty tomato sauce and cheddar cheese. But it’s the sour cream in the topping that makes this dish truly unique. I’ve tried many different varieties of this casserole and it always turns out great. Plus, the sour cream helps the cheesy topping meld well with the meat.

The original Husband’s Delight Casserole recipe was submitted by Shelby Hughes to the Spectrum Stone Designs’ Recipe Challenge in 2014. After trying this nifty recipe, her husband raved about it, so much so that she submitted it again for the same challenge in 2015. So, if you’re looking for a quick and delicious dinner idea, give this recipe a try.

Sour cream

The Husband’s Delight Casserole is an old-time Southern comfort food. It is filled with a meaty red sauce and topped with melted cheese. It is great for dinner on a cold winter night. This casserole is a great dish to make and is very easy to make. With a simple layering method, you’ll have a delicious dinner ready in no time.

If you are looking for a simple and easy dinner to make for your family, you’ll love this Husband’s Delight Casserole. It’s made with egg noodles, ground beef, and a creamy filling. For extra cheesy goodness, you can even add condensed cream of mushroom soup or shredded cheese to top it off. It’s also delicious paired with green beans and rice. And, the best part is, you can have the entire dish ready to serve in less than 30 minutes.

You can also make an Instant Pot version of this casserole, which makes it a perfect meal for the whole family! The ground beef, sour cream, and cheese will give you a meal that is easy to prepare and a lot of fun to eat. Your family will go crazy for this recipe, and you’ll want to make it for all your friends and family! So, start cooking today! Whether you’re making a dinner for your family or a party, you’ll love this classic southern casserole.

My husband loves this recipe and he raves about it. I didn’t have any cheddar so I used Colby jack and a full block of sour cream.


If you’re looking for a meal that is both easy to make and easy to eat, you’ll be pleased to know that Husbands delight is the perfect dish for your next night in. This hamburger casserole is a simple recipe that features ground beef, egg noodles, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese. For an extra special treat, serve it with green beans for a winning combination.

The aforementioned Husbands Delight Casserole is a cinch to make and the end result is a tasty dinner that is sure to please everyone in the family. It’s also easy to prepare and the ingredients can be found at most grocery stores. While the main ingredient is beef, you can add vegetables and even condensed cream of mushroom soup to make your dinner a gourmet experience. Usually, it’s topped with shredded cheese for a final finish. This is a classic southern comfort food that is perfect for the cold winter nights ahead.

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