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A Delicious Recipe For Ghana Meat Pie

The Ghana meat pie is a delicious recipe that can be made by just following a few easy steps. You can choose to use ground beef or turkey, and you can even make this pie with just all-purpose flour and some seasoning cubes. Whether you’re looking for a quick dinner or a meal to serve to a large group, the Ghana meat pie is a recipe that you should try.

Ground beef or turkey

If you are looking for a filling for a Ghana meat pie, ground beef or turkey is a good choice. These meat pies are delicious and flaky. They are a favorite snack in many West African countries.

Nigerian meat pie is another popular variety. It is made with a sauce of meat and spices. The dish is delicious and easy to make. This recipe is perfect for a potluck party.

Ground beef or turkey is added to a mixture of onion, green pepper, and garlic. The mixture is cooked until brown. When it is ready, it is seasoned with salt and pepper.

Once the filling is finished, it should be cooled. You can then add it to the pastry. Before baking, a few holes should be poked on top to let the steam escape.

Next, the dough should be rolled out. It should be thin. If it is too thick, you will have a tough pie. To reduce the amount of flour, you can add cold water.

For the crust, you should use unsalted butter. The butter will ensure a flaky crust. Also, the cold butter will not bleed into the flour.

For a more authentic taste, try making this dish with a mixture of ground beef, chicken stock, and paprika. You can also add a few spices such as chili powder and cayenne pepper.

After the pie is ready, brush it with an egg wash. Place it on a lightly greased non-stick baking sheet. Bake in the center of the oven for 35-40 minutes.

Make sure that the meat is fully cooked. When it is, you can fold the dough over the filling.

All purpose flour

If you are planning to cook a Ghanaian meat pie, you will need to start with the proper ingredients. The first thing you need is all purpose flour. This will help you to achieve a chewy, flaky crust.

You should also try to add some spices to your filling. For example, you can use cinnamon and nutmeg to add some additional flavors. Another option is to mix corn flour into your filling to make a thicker sauce.

After you have finished your filling, you can then place your dough into the pie dish. It should be covered with plastic wrap. Place your filled pie into the oven.

Once the pie is done baking, you can brush the top with a beaten egg. This will make your pie look fancy and help to keep the pastry together.

Next, cut the circle into the desired shape. This may be done with a rolling pin or by using cookie cutters. However, if you want to get the best possible results, you should try to roll out your pie dough on a lightly floured surface.

Finally, you need to put the meat pie filling in the dough. Don’t forget to crimp the edges. A fork will help to seal the pie.

As a result, you will have a perfectly baked and flaky pie. Just remember that your pie should be cooled before serving.

When you are ready to serve your meal, you can either serve your Ghanaian meat pie with some salad or a dipping sauce. You can also freeze the pie to enjoy later. These pies can be stored for a few days in the freezer.

Cold butter

A Ghanaian meat pie is a delicious delicacy. It is a flaky pastry filled with minced beef and vegetables. Traditionally, the filling is dipped into a shito sauce before being baked.

Making a meat pie is not as difficult as you may think. There are several easy steps involved. You can either prepare your own pie dough or buy a pre-made crust.

The first step to making a Ghanaian meat pie is to measure out your ingredients. The correct measurements are essential for a delicious result.

For a perfect pie, you will need cold butter. However, you can also use other fats such as margarine or oil. Choose your fat according to your dietary needs.

After you have measured your ingredients, you can prepare your pie dough. Using a food processor is a great option to ensure a flaky pie. If you do not have a food processor, you can do it manually. Just be careful not to overwork the dough.

After you have finished preparing your dough, you can chill it for 30 minutes. When it is chilled, you can form it into a ball. Alternatively, you can place it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Make sure the butter is really cold before adding it to the flour. This will prevent it from bleeding into the dough. Adding cold water to your flour can help form the dough into a ball.

You can also add spices like nutmeg. Nutmeg adds a nutty flavor to the dough.

If you want to have a golden color when the meat pie is baked, you can apply a light egg wash. Egg wash helps seal the sides of the pie together.

Seasoning cubes

If you are looking for a delicious snack, then you need to try making a Nigerian meat pie. This delicacy is a cinch to make and it is one of the most popular snacks in West African countries. The main ingredient of this dish is minced beef. However, you can also use other ingredients, such as ground pork or turkey. You can even include a variety of vegetables, such as peas or carrots.

A Nigerian meat pie is best served as an appetizer, but it can be eaten as a snack. It is usually accompanied by a shito sauce, which is a Ghanaian speciality.

One of the most important factors in making a successful meat pie is the dough. To achieve a flaky crust, you need to add unsalted butter to the mix. Once the flour and butter are incorporated, you should start mixing in cold water. Doing this will help form the dough into a ball.

Another way to make the dough is to use a food processor. Once the dough has been pulverized, you can add the beef and onions and then combine the two with a tomato puree and seasonings. Make sure you don’t overcook the minced beef. You don’t want it to become rubbery.

After the dough has rested for 30 minutes, you should now be ready to roll out the dough. You can roll it out on a lightly greased non-stick baking sheet. You can also place it on parchment paper-lined sheet pans. Alternatively, you can cut it into sections with a circular cutter.

After this step is complete, you can now bake the pies. When you bake them, they will be ready in less than 40 minutes. Be sure to keep an eye on the oven and remove them once they’re done.

Serving with salad

A Ghana meat pie is a traditional snack in the African nation of Ghana. It’s filled with onions, green peppers, and minced beef. This recipe is also a popular afternoon snack in many other parts of Africa and West Africa.

The process for making a Ghana meat pie is simple and quick. You can make it from scratch or buy premade pastry.

Regardless of whether you’re making a meat pie from scratch or buying a ready-made one, there are a few things you need to know. The two most important elements to making a good pie are a flaky crust and a flavorful filling.

In order to achieve a flaky crust, you’ll want to gently prepare the ingredients. This will ensure a firm but tender dough without creating a chewy crust.

When you’re making your own Ghanaian meat pie, you’ll want to use a food processor to help you ensure that your dough isn’t overly sticky. If you don’t have a food processor, you can also mash the ingredients with your hands.

For the filling, you’ll want to combine minced beef and onions with tomato puree. After the mixture has cooked for five minutes, you’ll want to add flour and all-purpose seasoning. Mixing flour into the filling will help it to bind together.

After your pie is baked and cooled, you’ll want to serve it with a salad or a dipping sauce. Some of the most common accompaniments for a Ghana hot pie are shito sauce and adobo. However, depending on the type of meal you’re serving, you may want to include a side dish such as carrot and parsnip mash or southern baked beans.

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