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Chow Fun Recipe – Hawaii Style

If you’ve ever visited Hawaii, then you’ve probably tasted some of their amazing Chow Fun. There are a few different variations of the dish, but they’re all delicious. The main ingredients you’ll find are dry rice noodles, meat, vegetables, and sauces. This recipe will show you how to make this famous dish from scratch.

Dry rice noodles

Dry rice noodles are often used to prepare chow fun. The noodle is a stir-fried dish, and it can be prepared in several ways. Most recipes call for fresh wide rice noodles, but dried noodles can be used instead. A good option is to buy a container of rice noodles in the Asian section of your local grocery store. They should be soaked in hot water before use.

Chow fun is an iconic noodle dish, and you can order it at dim sum restaurants and other Chinese restaurants. This simple recipe includes a lot of vegetables, and the result is a dish that is packed with flavor. However, you can also make a vegetarian version of the dish.

To get the best results, you should try to buy fresh rice noodles. These are a staple in many Chinese dishes. You can find these noodles in Asian grocery stores and Chinese markets. If you are buying fresh noodle sheets, be sure to cut them into 1×3 inch pieces. Fresh noodle sheets will need to be tossed in warm water for about a minute before stirring.

Once your noodles are ready, you can add them to the skillet with oil and stir-fry for a few minutes. You can also use pre-cooked noodles. In fact, you can even cook your chow fun in the microwave. After you have finished cooking your chow fun, you can store the leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days.

In Hawaii, a popular local noodle dish is fried saimin. Fried saimin is stir fried with a soy and dark soy sauce, and it has the flavor of a saimin soup. This noodle dish can be purchased in food trucks, and is a favorite among locals. It is also served in delicatessens and restaurants.

Another noodle dish is a mixed noodle dish. The sauce is usually the star of the dish. There are several types of sauce to choose from. For example, Aloha Low Sodium Shoyu is a great choice for a low sodium, umami packed sauce.

To prepare chow fun, you can use a variety of ingredients, including eggs, pork mince, and dry spaghetti. You can also add protein to your chow fun by using Spam. Other ingredients you might want to add include garlic, char siu, or other spices.

The key to preparing a good noodle is separating the noodles before you begin cooking. Doing this is important so the noodle is cooked evenly. Noodles cooked fast over high heat will tend to break and stick together.

Another tip is to use a thin layer of oil when frying your noodle strips. This will ensure that the noodle has a chewy texture. When done, the noodle will take on a caramelized flavor.


There are a lot of ways to make chow fun. You can add meat to the noodles for an umami flavor or you can add vegetables to the dish. Whether you are looking to use fresh or dried rice noodles, you will want to follow a few basic steps to create a tasty dish.

The first step to making chow fun is to marinate your meat. This is a simple process that will add a lot of flavor to the meat. It is best to marinate your meat for at least 30 minutes. However, if you want to save some time, you can also just sprinkle a little oil over the meat before cooking it.

When cooking the meat, you will want to use a high-sided skillet. Heat a few tablespoons of oil and add ginger, garlic, and green onion. Sauté the ingredients for about a minute, but don’t let the spices burn. Once you have removed the ginger, garlic, and green onion, you can add the meat to the pan. Depending on how much you are planning on cooking, you can cook the meat until it is just cooked through or you can continue to sauté it until it has become brown and crispy.

Next, you will want to cut the meat into thin slices. If you are using beef, you will want to cut it into 1/4-inch thick pieces. Also, you can cut the chicken into thin slices as well.

Once you have the meat and veggies, you will need to prepare the sauce. Make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved in the sauce. If the sugar is not dissolved, you will not be able to enjoy the full flavor of the sauce.

Stir the mixture in the skillet for about a minute before adding the noodles. Stir them in thoroughly, so that they can be coated with the sauce. Add a few drops of water to the sauce if needed.

A great way to enjoy chow fun is to serve it with a side of crisp bean sprouts. You can also include hard-boiled eggs and shiitake mushrooms. For extra starch, you can add some dry spaghetti. These can be found in Asian or Chinese grocery stores.

Chow fun is a delicious and versatile meal. You can also choose to eat it dry or wet. Whether you’re cooking for one or a crowd, this simple dish is a hit. Even better, you can reheat leftovers for a quick meal.

You can easily find chow fun noodles at your local grocery store or you can prepare them yourself. This dish is easy to make and is a great addition to your family’s meal plan.

To make chow fun, you will need flat rice noodles, a high-sided skillet, and some vegetables. Fresh, wide rice noodles are best, but you can also buy the dry ones.


Chow fun is a dish of Chinese origin that is made with wide rice noodles. It is also a favorite of Hawaiians. Many of the ingredients used in chow fun can be found on the island, and many restaurants source these ingredients from local farmers. This recipe is relatively easy to prepare and a lot of fun to eat.

There are many different preparations of chow fun, which vary in how they are prepared. Some are served on a bed of steamed rice, while others are more like a stir-fry. They are often eaten as a meal in their own right. Other options include ordering them as dim sum or at a party.

The chow fun craze is a real thing and you’ll find it on menus and in parties throughout the islands. You can make a decent chow fun at home, but it’s best to use fresh, white rice noodles. These can be purchased at Chinatown. To ensure the best flavor, boil the strands according to the package, and then cool them before serving.

As a bonus, chow fun is a tasty and surprisingly nutritious dish. Chow fun is a Cantonese delicacy that combines crisp vegetables with tender beef slices. Most recipes involve stir-frying or boiling the noodle mixture. A good version can be found in yum cha restaurants or at small local delicatessens. While this dish is not a native Hawaiian creation, it is a favorite at a number of parties and is a must-try if you’re visiting the islands.

In addition to chow fun, Hawaii has its share of other traditional and modern dishes, such as saimin. This dish was developed in the early twentieth century on the sugar plantations of Hawaii, and is a combination of Asian, Philippine and Hawaiian ingredients. The name saimin translates to “noodle” in English, and refers to a very simple dish of wavy noodles in a dashi-based broth.

Other Hawaiian dishes to try out include kalbi (beef grilled on the spit), and lomi lomi salmon. However, the best kalbi is probably the one that includes a good cut of flank steak. Likewise, the best lomi lomi salmon is the one that incorporates the appropriate cuts of pork.

In terms of the chow fun craze, the best version of the dish to try is the Local-Style chow fun, which features less sauce and more ingredients. Ingredients such as heart of palm, pineapple, taro and papaya, as well as some of the finest fish and seafood, are all sourced from the islands.

The other obvious name-brand alternative is Aloha Low Sodium Shoyu, which is a light sauce with umami packed ingredients. This is a great choice for those trying to cut down on sodium, and is the perfect compliment to a Hawaiian chow fun.

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