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How to Make a Delicious Chicken Bread Recipe

The recipe for chicken bread is a versatile dish that can be used in a number of ways. It can be cooked and served as is or it can be rolled into a pie and filled with chicken and cheese. Both are delicious options and the best part is that you can make this recipe in your own kitchen. You will only need a few ingredients to create this tasty and delicious meal.


Chicken bread is an ideal treat for tea time, or as a snack for after school. It’s also a great appetizer to serve at parties. This simple, tasty chicken bread recipe is perfect for Iftar time during Ramadan. You can make it ahead and freeze it to keep it for up to three days.

To make this chicken bread, you’ll need some basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, yeast, milk powder, oil, salt and spices. After you’ve gathered all these, you’ll need to mix them together and knead them to form a soft dough.

When the dough has reached the desired consistency, you’ll need to divide it into two or three equal balls. Brush the dough with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Once you’ve done this, you’ll roll the balls into a rectangle shape.

Next, you’ll want to add the filling to the center of the bread. Choose a variety of vegetables, meat, cheese or an egg to fill the loaf. Typically, chicken is used, but you can use a variety of other favorites.

Before adding the filling to the bread, you’ll want to let it cool. When it’s cool, you can fold it into the bread and crisscross the edges.

After letting the bread cool, you can place it on a greased tray or cake pan. You’ll want to brush the top with a little egg wash to give it a golden color. Alternatively, you can melt butter and apply it.

The final step to making this chicken bread is to bake it. Baking the bread for 25 minutes at 200 degrees C should be enough.

The chicken bread can be prepared by hand or by using a recipe for stuffed French bread. Whether you choose to cook it at home or purchase a French loaf, you’ll end up with a delicious, satisfying treat!


You’ll probably be wondering what’s the secret to making perfect chicken bread. In fact, the answer is in the preparation of the dough. With this in mind, let’s look at the ingredients you’ll need to get started.

First, you’ll need to proof the yeast. To do this, add the yeast to a cup of warm water and stir to dissolve. While the dough is rising, you can prepare the filling.

Now, it’s time to take the next step. Make sure that your bowl is well smeared with oil. Next, mix the flour with milk. Add some salt and black pepper and give it a good stir. The result is a soft, smooth dough. Leave it to rise for about an hour.

Once your dough has risen, it’s time to roll it out. A rectangular shape works best, but you can certainly play around with the process if you wish. This should be done on a greased or lightly floured surface. For the best results, you’ll want to lay it on a sheet of waxed paper.

For the final touch, you’ll want to use an egg wash. It’s the simplest way to make sure your crumbs brown nicely. Don’t be afraid to spray them with a bit of cooking spray if you’re feeling adventurous.

Of course, it’s not really a chicken-shaped piece of art until you add the meat. If you’re feeling a little more creative, you can use the dough to make stuffed buns and chicken fingers. After baking, you’ll have a tasty, cheesy treat.

Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to prepare and enjoy your own homemade chicken bread.

Cooking time

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to feed your guests, consider baking your own homemade chicken bread. Not only does it taste delicious, it’s also a breeze to make. Plus, you can use whatever filling you like.

First, make sure you have all the right ingredients. There are three basic components to this delicious treat: shredded chicken, a yeast-free bread dough, and an egg wash. You’ll need about an hour to prepare all of the ingredients, and you’ll want to rest the finished product for at least half an hour before serving it to your guests.

After that, you’re going to need to knead the stuff for about 10 minutes. When you’re done, you’ll have a soft, pliable dough. You can then divide it into two or three loaves. Then, you’ll want to leave it to rise at room temperature for at least an hour.

Next, it’s time to roll out the dough. You’ll want to make sure to roll it out into a rectangle, not a square. This will ensure that you get the most out of the recipe. Once the dough is rolled out, you’ll want to fold the corners in a bit, like a braid.

Finally, you’ll want to brush the outside with a beaten egg. This isn’t just for aesthetics, it will also help the bread stay moist. At the same time, you can sprinkle the finished loaf with sesame seeds for a tangy and crunchy texture.

The best part is that your chicken bread is guaranteed to make any gathering a hit. It can even be frozen for later use. So why not make a batch today?

Store in the fridge or freezer

If you’re hosting a dinner or party, consider making a few loaves of homemade chicken bread. You can freeze them or store them in the refrigerator for later use. But before you get started, you’ll need to learn how to prepare them properly.

First, you’ll need to proof yeast. This requires stirring it for at least 5 minutes. After you’ve gotten the dough to a soft consistency, you can begin mixing it with the other ingredients.

Once your dough is ready, you can make the filling. You can fill the bread with shredded chicken, BBQ sauce, or pickled jalapenos. Then, you can wrap it up in plastic and put it in the freezer. It will keep up to three days.

You can also wrap the whole loaf in foil and freeze it. When you’re ready to use it, you can take it out of the freezer and thaw it on the counter. Or, if you want to save time, you can reheat it in the oven. Just be sure to add a minute to the bread’s baking time.

While you’re storing your bread, you’ll need to find a cool, dark place. You can do this in your basement or garage.

To freeze your bread, you’ll need a large resealable freezer bag. For best results, make sure that the bag is tightly sealed. Also, be sure to remove as much air as possible.

You can store your bread in the freezer for up to three months. However, you should be aware that freezing bread can cause it to lose moisture and flavor.

Another good option is to freeze it sliced. That way, you can toast it in the toaster when you want it.

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