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Turkey Tenderloin Crock Pot Recipe

Turkey tenderloin is one of the most popular types of meat for crock pot recipes. This is because it has a lot of flavor and it is a quick and easy meal to prepare. It is also very versatile, so you can adjust the spices and seasonings to suit your own taste.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is a wonderful ingredient to add to a turkey tenderloin crock pot recipe. This ingredient not only adds a delicious umami flavor, it also enhances other flavors in the sauce.

A good rule of thumb for marinading a turkey is not to do it for too long. This will make the meat break down and lose some of its flavor.

The best way to make this soy sauce recipe is to make it in a slow cooker. This method is much easier and produces a deliciously moist turkey every time. You will need to be patient though, it can take up to 6 hours for the meat to cook.

If you are not ready to cook your turkey right away, you can refrigerate it in an airtight container for up to 4 days. After the meat is cooked, remove the meat from the Crock-Pot and place it in a serving dish. Let it rest for about ten minutes.

For the sauce, you will need to create a mixture of a liquid, a brown sugar, and a bit of flour. You can also use red wine for some richness. Once the liquid has simmered, add the cornstarch slurry and keep stirring until it bubbles and thickens.

To make the best crock pot turkey recipe, you will want to get the right temperature and ingredients for cooking. Remember that the temperature will change as you take the lid off the slow cooker.

You should also use an instant read thermometer to ensure the internal temperature of the meat. It should reach 165 degrees.

While you are at it, you may as well include aromatics to the recipe to boost the flavor. Try sprinkling some thyme or onion powder on top of the turkey breast.

When you are done with the sauce, you can serve the dish alongside the glazed turkey breast. But first, check out the other components of this great slow cooker recipe.

There are plenty of other options to spice up this meal, and your family will love it! Make sure to try a few different recipes and you’ll be able to find one that is perfect for you!

Sriracha lime

The slow cooker is a wonderful way to make a meal. With a few ingredients you can have dinner on the table in no time. This particular recipe includes Sriracha lime marinade for a tangy, sweet and spicy flavor.

Sriracha is a hot sauce that is made from distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, chili peppers, and salt. It is spicy but not as vinegary as some other hot sauces. If you do not have sriracha, you can substitute bottled lime juice for a similar flavor.

You can make a sriracha lime turkey tenderloin in the slow cooker. It is a simple and easy recipe to prepare.

To make the sauce, you will need the following ingredients: brown sugar, lime juice, salt, pepper, ginger, and chicken stock. You can also add a little more soy sauce for a spicier flavor.

Before you begin cooking, you will want to allow the turkey to come to room temperature. Ideally, the thickest part of the meat should be at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. When the turkey reaches this temperature, remove it from the oven and set aside.

After letting the turkey sit, you can put the turkey into the slow cooker with the sriracha lime marinade. Cook on low for about 3-4 hours. Take the turkey out when it reaches 150 degrees.

Once the turkey is cooked, you will need to brush the sriracha mixture onto the turkey. Allow the meat to sit for about 10 minutes before serving.

The leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. These make great sandwiches, salads, and soups. Alternatively, you can freeze the leftovers.

Sriracha lime is a versatile ingredient that you can use to spice up your everyday meals. Try using it in enchilada soup, tacos, and sandwiches. Whether you are looking for a quick meal, a party appetizer, or a special treat, you will be sure to love this recipe!

This slow cooker Sriracha lime turkey tenderloin is simple and full of flavor. It can be served with rice, mashed potatoes, or a side of cilantro. Add some green onions for a perfect dish.

Spices and seasonings

When cooking a turkey tenderloin, there are several spices and seasonings that can help you create a delicious meal. These spices and seasonings can be used on the turkey itself, as well as on side dishes and breads.

The main spices and seasonings for turkey tenderloin include garlic, onion powder, paprika, and black pepper. You may also use other flavorings, such as rosemary, basil, or dried herbs.

If you plan to cook the turkey in a crock pot, marinating the meat overnight is recommended. This will intensify the flavors and moisture in the meat.

To make this recipe, start by placing the onion on the bottom of the crock pot. Place the turkey on top, along with the potatoes. Add chicken broth around the turkey.

After the turkey is cooked, you can serve it with gravy or as a glaze. You can also make a sauce with the leftovers. Once the sauce is made, you can refrigerate the leftovers and serve it with salads.

If you want to make the sauce in advance, you can add the ingredients to a skillet and cook over medium-low heat. It will take a few hours to cook and you can keep it warm until you are ready to serve it.

If you would rather use a slow cooker to prepare your turkey, you can cook the tenderloin with the sauce. For this method, you can add the remaining chicken broth to the mixture, then simmer it for another 3-4 hours.

If you do not have a slow cooker, you can cook the turkey in the oven. Just be sure to watch the temperature. Overheating can dry the meat out.

After the turkey is finished cooking, let it rest for at least 15 minutes. By doing so, the juices will redistribute and the meat will be more tender.

In addition, you can freeze the uncooked turkey. You can wrap it in freezer paper to prevent moisture from evaporating. Alternatively, you can place it in a large ziplock bag.

Turkey is the perfect dinner for a small family or Friendsgiving. With a few simple steps, you can prepare a delicious meal for friends and family.


If you’re a fan of turkey and potatoes, you’ll love this easy crock pot turkey tenderloin recipe. This slow cooker recipe comes out perfectly tender and juicy every time. It’s great for small gatherings or for a weeknight dinner. Served with your favorite sides, this turkey and potatoes casserole is sure to be a hit.

For this recipe, you’ll need a 5-8 quart slow cooker. Start by adding a layer of sweet potatoes. You can also use a sweet potato mix or regular potatoes. Toss the potatoes with 2 tbsp olive oil. Then add half a teaspoon of chili powder and one tablespoon of brown sugar. Lastly, toss the potatoes with half a teaspoon of paprika.

When you’re ready to cook, set the crock pot on low. After three to four hours, check the tenderloin’s temperature. Ideally, it should reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

If you prefer to marinate the turkey, you can do so the night before. By cooking the turkey overnight, the meat is more moist and has more flavor. However, it’s best not to marinate the tenderloin for longer than eight hours.

A tangy marinade helps the meat retain its moisture. Once you place the tenderloin in the crockpot, pour the marinade over it. In addition, add chicken broth.

After the potatoes and tenderloin are cooked, you’ll have a delicious turkey and gravy. This crockpot recipe serves 3-4 people. But you can double or triple the recipe to feed more.

Use this crock pot recipe to make a quick Thanksgiving meal. Make a couple batches and keep some in the freezer for a few months. Or, store leftovers in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

A turkey tenderloin is a delicious, lean cut of meat. These are skinless and boneless, so they’re perfect for your crockpot. They can be cooked for just a few hours or for the entire day.

Crockpot turkey tenderloins are perfect for smaller gatherings. With just a few easy steps, you’ll have a delicious, moist and tasty meal for the whole family.

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