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The Chicken Mull Recipe

The chicken mull recipe is a recipe that can be eaten throughout the year. It’s delicious, and can be a fun treat to share with friends. This article discusses some of the history and culture behind the recipe, as well as how to make it.


Chicken mull has a rich history in the South. It is a stew made with chicken, a variety of vegetables and spices. In some regions, it is also served with oysters or catfish. A variation of chicken mull known as “turtle mull” contains turtles, chicken, beef and pork.

It is a rich, creamy broth seasoned with salt and chili flakes. Crackers are often added to the soup for texture. It is a tasty and affordable food for large groups.

Chicken mull is a traditional barbecue stew. It is often served as part of a barbecue or church fundraiser. Traditionally, the meat is cooked in a big iron pot on a fire.

It is a simple dish that is easy to prepare. To make it, you simply cut up three to four pounds of chicken into a few pieces. Then, you simmer it in water for an hour. Once it is done, you remove the meat and the bones and return it to the broth.

There are many regional variations of chicken mull. Some add butter and milk to the broth. Others include eggs and corn.

Some believe that the origins of chicken mull were in the town of Bear Grass, in Martin County, North Carolina. This town is about twenty miles northeast of Greenville.

One of the most popular versions of the recipe is a two-ingredient concoction created by Derwood Sadler, the captain of the American Veterans Post 227 team. He cites this as the first recipe for chicken mull. He says the dish is the best way to feed a large group at a minimal cost.

The dish has gained popularity in the Southeast, and is often seen at a number of social gatherings and church events. It is especially popular during the winter months. Typically, it is served with cole slaw and hot sauce.

While Chicken Mull originated in the South, it is now found in many countries. You can find it in Athens, Georgia, where it is a favorite lunch and side dish. Another popular version of the dish is made with grilled cheese sandwiches.


Chicken mull is a Southern stew with a very long history. It is traditionally eaten in the fall and winter. The dish can be found in several regions, but certain pockets of the South specialize in it.

Traditionally, the dish was made over an open fire, but home cooks can use a crockpot or stock pot. They can also store the mull in a flask or flask for later use.

A traditional way to prepare chicken mull is to boil a whole chicken in a cream based broth. Then, the chicken is seasoned with salt and pepper. Other ingredients include butter and diced potatoes.

This type of chicken stew is served at large social gatherings in North Carolina and Georgia. The dish can be served with crackers or oysters. However, it is commonly eaten with a variety of vegetables.

In Martin County, the local version of the chicken mull is made with parboiled chicken, eggs, and black pepper. Red pepper and crackers are usually included as well.

Another variation of the chicken mull is in eastern North Carolina. Here, the chicken is cooked in a stockpot over an open flame. After the meat has been cooked, the broth is thickened with crushed saltine crackers.

Some people add hot sauce to their chicken mull. If you prefer, you can also serve the mull with rice or mashed potatoes.

Chicken mull is an excellent source of phosphorus, a mineral needed for healthy bones and a functioning liver. It is also low in fat. So, this stew is a good choice for families.

Chicken mull is also an ideal meal for large groups. You can serve it at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. People typically serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches.

It is a delicious, inexpensive comfort food that is easy to make. Using a crockpot or stockpot, home cooks can make chicken mull in a jiffy.

Traditionally, chicken mull was served as a church supper. However, today, the dish has spread to other areas. Whether it’s served as a supper, brunch, or breakfast, it’s a delicious, cheap way to celebrate the winter season.

Cooking method

Chicken mull is an old southern delicacy that is a traditional dish served during cold weather church suppers. It’s a tasty and easy dish to make.

This rich poultry stew has a reputation for being the perfect comfort food. In fact, it’s often served during social gatherings in Georgia and North Carolina.

Although chicken mull is often thought of as a Southern delicacy, it actually started in Georgia. The original recipe calls for finely chopped chicken, but you can add any meat to this dish. Some regional variations include eggs, milk, corn, and even butter.

When cooking chicken mull, be sure to add any seasonings you would like. Black pepper is common. You can also add bay leaves or turmeric powder.

For a more savory version, add cream. If you don’t have cream on hand, you can also substitute evaporated milk. Another option is to use canned salmon.

Mull is usually served with saltine crackers. However, you can also serve it with cole slaw.

A southern version of mull is also called chicken stew. It’s a wholesome dish that is full of protein and phosphorus. Phosphorus is vital for healthy bones and teeth.

Mulled stews can be prepared in large pots. They’re served at home, restaurants, and at special events.

Mull is a traditional Southern dish, but you can find it across the country. It’s also a popular side dish in Athens, Georgia.

You can prepare it easily at home, but you can also make it outdoors. Just keep in mind that the consistency is thicker. To make a thicker version, you can cook it longer and on a lower temperature.

Chicken mull is a great dish for feeding a large group. The meat is shredded and boiled in a creamy milk-based broth. After it’s cooked, you can separate the meat into breasts and legs.

You can buy a ready-made mulled wine, but it’s cheaper to make it yourself. The flavor is great and you can customize it for your own tastes.

Traditionally, the dish is served with hot sauce and a plate of Saltine crackers. However, many Southerners have started serving it with cole slaw instead.


Chicken Mull is a rich, creamy, and buttery poultry stew. The origins of the dish are not exactly known, but it is believed to be a regional specialty of the Southern region.

There are many variations of the dish, depending on where you live. It can be made from almost any meat. You can choose from chicken, fish, oysters, beef, pork, or even rabbit.

Traditionally, mull was a winter dish. The term “mull” originated in Virginia, then spread to North Carolina and Georgia.

The food can be found at social events and served at restaurants. Many people serve it with crackers. In addition, you can find chicken mull at church fundraisers.

The recipe for chicken muddle is simple. Ground or shredded chicken is simmered in water for an hour. Saltine crackers are added to the broth to thicken it. Other ingredients can include milk, eggs, and corn.

Chicken mull is most popular in Martin County. In addition to its popularity, it’s also a staple lunch for locals. This region also hosts a festival in honor of the dish.

During the first Chicken Mull Festival in Bear Grass, NC, 65 gallons of chicken mull were served. People paid $2 for an eight-ounce cup. Others waited in line, paying a small fee for a wristband.

Organizers of the event hope to introduce the town of Bear Grass to the world. They’re also trying to raise money for local veterans. AmVets Post 227, which serves veterans in the area, is helping with the fundraising effort.

Kenny Wallace has been involved with AmVets for four years. Previously, he was skeptical about mull. But he’s now looking forward to the upcoming fundraisers. His team, which includes Derwood Sadler, Jim Bell, and Carroll Jones, took first place in the cook-off.

Chicken Mull has been a staple for generations. Cooks in Bear Grass, NC prepare this recipe at annual events. Locals believe the recipe’s origins are in the town.

Chicken muddle is a traditional stew with a buttery, creamy broth seasoned with chili flakes. It is served with Crackers and is a staple at social events in the southern region.

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