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Top Your Salmon With a Creamy Herb Sauce

There are so many options for topping salmon, but one of my favorite is a creamy herb sauce! It’s quick, easy and absolutely delicious.

It can be used on pretty much any type of fish, and is especially popular with pan-seared salmon! The herbs and lemon flavor is just so perfect for the light, fresh flavor of a salmon fillet.


A roux is a cooked mixture of flour and fat, commonly butter or oil. It is an important ingredient in preparing sauces and gravies.

A basic roux is made by adding flour to melted fat, stirring and cooking over low heat until it becomes smooth. It can be a light (or “white”) roux that has little flavor, or a dark roux that adds depth and richness to a dish.

Once you’ve made a roux, the next step is to thicken the roux with milk or other liquids. It is important to cook the roux until it is thick and creamy, and to stir continuously to prevent lumps from forming.

There are a few different ways to thicken milk for use in gravy. One way is to use beurre manie, which is an equal mix of all-purpose flour and fat, like butter or lard. It is a smooth and easy to work with thickener that should yield enough roux to thicken 3/4 to 1 cup of warm liquids.

Another way to thicken is by combining all-purpose flour with water or stock in a bowl. You can then whisk the mixture into the liquid and let it simmer until the raw flour dissipates and the liquid thickens.

For a lighter and more delicate sauce, you can use cornflour instead of flour. If you do this, you may want to add a bit more milk than normal when thickening the roux.

You can also add a splash of half-and-half or cream to the sauce to make it extra creamy and decadent. This will give you a much more fluid sauce that is very tasty.

If you are using cream, make sure to add it right before serving the gravy or else you’ll have a soupy consistency. You can also add nutmeg to the bechamel sauce to give it a nutty flavor.

This bechamel sauce is great on its own, but it also pairs well with mashed potatoes, biscuits, and roasted vegetables. It is also delicious with rice or quinoa. This is a healthy and delicious recipe that you’ll love to serve to your family or friends.


If you are looking for a delicious gravy to serve with your salmon patties, look no further than this easy-to-make recipe. This recipe uses leftover grease and pieces from frying the salmon patties, along with all-purpose flour, milk, salt, and black pepper to create a rich and flavorful sauce that can be served over biscuits or mashed potatoes.

This gravy recipe starts by making a roux, which is a mixture of fat and flour that is used to thicken sauces and gravies. This is done by mixing the leftover grease and pieces from frying the salmon with the flour in a skillet, cooking it over medium heat for 5-10 minutes, and then adding the milk and seasonings.

You can add other ingredients to your roux, such as onions, mushrooms, or red chili. These will give your gravy additional flavor and can be used as a base for fried rice or other Asian dishes.

For a healthier version of this recipe, you can substitute low-fat milk for the whole milk in the original recipe. This will help to reduce the calories and saturated fat in the dish, and will also allow you to enjoy this recipe without having to worry about cholesterol.

Another variation of this recipe is to use a sour cream sauce instead of the lemon herb butter. This is a simple sauce that can be made in just five minutes, and it will go well with your salmon.

This sauce is a great choice for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to other traditional gravy recipes. It can be made with low-fat milk or cream and can be easily thickened with a cornstarch mixture or slurry, if you are on a diet.

A creamy sauce with a tangy garlic kick is the perfect pairing for any fish dinner. You can make this delicious dish with a variety of different seafood, but this particular recipe is ideal for salmon. You can even enjoy this sauce with grilled vegetables for a nutritious and delicious meal that will leave you feeling satisfied and full.


Salmon is a firm, meaty fish that can be seasoned with a wide range of flavors. Its high fat content means that it can stand up to strong, spicy marinades, but it can also work well with more delicate flavors, like herbs and citrus.

Almost any seasoning will be good for salmon, whether it’s a classic salt and pepper, a flavor rub, a glaze or a sauce. The best way to season salmon is to salt it at least 30 minutes before cooking, to give the fish a firm, savoury taste.

Then, simply sprinkle the fish with your favorite seasoning. Some of the best spices to add to salmon include jerk, curry, Italian, Chinese 5 spice or a Moroccan blend.

For a more intense flavor, try creating a marinade that incorporates Asian flavors like fresh ginger and garlic. You can also try a simple butter and lemon sauce that pairs perfectly with grilled or broiled salmon.

A creamy horseradish sauce is another great dipping option for salmon. The bold flavor of this sauce from Epicurious is the perfect way to elevate your next grilled salmon dish.

You can make this delicious sauce in just a few minutes, so you don’t have to stress about it making your meal take longer than necessary. If you’re feeling fancy, add a little Parmesan cheese to this sauce to give it even more tang and flavor.

If you’re looking for an easy, quick, and tasty dinner that’s perfect for your family, this creamed salmon and peas recipe is the perfect choice. The sauce can be made as thick or thin as you prefer, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to toasted bread with a slice of butter on top.

It’s a fast and easy weeknight dinner that’s full of flavor, so you can spend more time doing other things. It’s a perfect dish to serve when guests are coming over, and it’s a nice alternative to fried or baked fish, too!

You can even try a homemade spice rub, which will help to coat the fish with your preferred seasoning without compromising the baking time. You can easily add your choice of spices to a mixture of coconut yoghurt and dried spices, then rub the mixture on the salmon before baking or grilling it.


There are plenty of ways to top your salmon with a delicious sauce. You might be looking for something with a kick, or you might want to go for something more subtle and light. Either way, you can find a recipe that’s perfect for your needs.

For instance, if you’re craving something Asian, this salmon with miso glaze from Ina Garten is a great option. It combines mustard, soy sauce and olive oil with garlic for a dish that’s incredibly simple to make but still packed with flavor.

If you’re in the mood for something that’s bright, zesty and refreshing, this Argentinian chimichurri sauce is an excellent option for dipping your grilled fish in. It’s simple to make and can be made with fresh or frozen ingredients.

Another great dipping sauce for a grilled salmon is this creamy horseradish. It’s easy to make and it’s dairy-free, too! This is a tasty recipe that’s good for dipping any kind of fish.

This is a quick and easy sauce for salmon that’s perfect for a light dinner or as a snack. It’s also dairy-free and can be a great option for people with dietary restrictions.

The key is to make sure that the milk and flour are added gradually. This ensures that the sauce doesn’t end up too thin or thick.

A creamy and rich salmon sauce is a classic that everyone loves. It’s perfect for dipping salmon, fried chicken or other meats and it can even be used as a topping for ice cream!

In this version of the tangy and delicious classic sauce, butter, lemon juice, garlic and Parmesan cheese are combined. It’s very easy to make and it’s guaranteed to be a hit at your next meal!

This dill version of this delicious sauce is a fast and easy meal for dipping any type of fish, especially if it’s grilled. It’s also good for dipping other dishes, like shrimp cakes and crabcakes!

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