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Recipe For Beef Stroganoff Without Sour Cream

Stroganoff is a classic comfort food recipe that has stood the test of time. It’s hearty and straightforward to prepare – ideal for an easy weeknight dinner!

This dish is served over egg noodles with a delicious mushroom gravy and ground beef. It’s an incredibly simple yet tasty meal that everyone will love!


Stroganoff is a beloved Russian dish that has gained worldwide recognition. It makes for an easy and satisfying dinner that the whole family will love – perfect for a weeknight dinner!

This recipe for beef stroganoff without sour cream features ground beef and mushrooms in a rich, creamy sauce that’s sure to please everyone in your family. Not only does it make for an easy one-skillet dinner, but any leftovers are delicious too!

Begin by browning ground beef and onions with a drizzle of cooking oil. Season with salt and pepper for an irresistibly flavorful base for the sauce. Once the meat has been browned, add mushrooms and cook for several minutes to release their moisture.

Next, sprinkle flour over the mushrooms and beef mixture to form a basic roux. This roux absorbs oil and fat, thickening the sauce.

Once the roux has achieved a desirable consistency, add broth and heavy cream. Stir until fully combined, then reduce heat to low; this will give the sauce its desired taste while preventing burning on the bottom of the pan.

If you don’t care for sour cream in your beef stroganoff, why not try substituting nonfat Greek yogurt or cream cheese instead? Both options have a similar texture and will taste just as delicious!

You can substitute any type of mushrooms for this recipe, from white button mushrooms to crimini mushrooms and large portobello mushrooms. All are delicious options!

For this recipe, the ideal cuts of beef are boneless rib eye, top sirloin, rump or sirloin tips. These cuts have plenty of marbling which helps ensure the meat is tender and juicy.

This beef stroganoff recipe is effortless to make and packed with delicious flavor! It makes for a quick dinner that you can whip up in no time, or double the recipe for leftovers that won’t spoil.

If you’re searching for a healthier version of this beloved dish, try this gluten-free beef stroganoff recipe! Serve it over pasta, rice, potatoes or spaghetti squash to get an energy-packed meal that also tastes divine!

Prep Time

Beef stroganoff is a delicious meal that everyone enjoys. You can customize it by using various meat cuts and adding veggies for extra flavor, making this an incredibly simple dish to prepare – perfect for dinner or lunch!

You can serve this dish over noodles or rice as well. The best part is that this recipe for beef stroganoff without sour cream can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

To prepare this dish, begin by browning beef strips in a pan with butter and oil. Doing so will give the sauce an enhanced flavor.

Once the meat has browned, stir in mushrooms and onions and cook until softened. You may wish to add some garlic for flavor as well.

The mushroom mixture should be slightly saucy but not too thick. Be sure to keep an eye on it and stir occasionally so that none of the mushrooms stick to the bottom of the pan.

Once the meat has cooked, you can add cream cheese and sour cream. You may wish to do this at room temperature or after the sauce has simmered for a few minutes depending on your preference.

I recommend making this dish with cremini mushrooms, which are more flavorful and substantial than white mushrooms. However, you can substitute other mushrooms as well.

For a healthier alternative, Greek yogurt can be used instead of sour cream. Not only is it low in fat and calories, but it also contains probiotics which promote gut health.

If you prefer, mayonnaise can be substituted for sour cream. It has a similar taste as sour cream but less fat and salt.

This recipe for beef stroganoff without sour cream is simple to make and can be served over noodles or rice. Even better, you can prepare it ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for convenient access.

Cook Time

If you’re watching your calories or avoiding the sodium and sugar that come with many canned soups, this from-scratch beef stroganoff recipe is an easy and delicious way to make classic comfort food that’s healthy for the whole family. It takes only 30 minutes to make and can be served over noodles or mashed potatoes.

This recipe calls for ground beef and a thick mushroom sauce thickened with condensed cream of mushroom soup. It’s sure to become one of your family’s go-to meals!

To begin preparing the dish, begin by searing a piece of beef in a skillet over medium-high heat. Season it with salt and pepper, then brown it quickly on each side until lightly browned.

Once browned, add onions and mushrooms to the pan and cook until softened. Finally, stir in beef broth until fully combined.

After the beef stroganoff has simmered for a few minutes, whisk in some flour to create a slurry. This helps thicken the sauce without forming lumps.

If you’d prefer not to use flour, try substituting cornstarch. You could also substitute yogurt for the sour cream; just be sure to remove the sauce from heat before stirring in the yogurt; otherwise, it may curdle.

You can serve this dish over egg noodles or other cooked pastas for a quick and effortless dinner that’s ideal for busy weeknights.

For a healthier version of beef stroganoff, try this recipe that uses 2% fat Greek yogurt and olive oil in place of the sour cream. You’ll be delighted at how delicious it tastes!

Instead of boiling the sour cream, this homemade recipe uses milk to temper it before adding it to the meat. Doing so helps prevent it from curdling during reheating.

This homemade sour cream recipe is an ideal alternative to traditional recipes due to its lower sodium and fat content, plus it’s super simple to make! Your whole family will be sure to love this dish, so why not give it a try today?


Sour cream is a staple ingredient in beef stroganoff, but if you’re looking to reduce the calories, there are other options. Creme fraiche makes an excellent substitute due to its lighter and less tart taste; however, keep in mind that it does contain more calories so this should only be used if you don’t care about counting points.

Another alternative is using cream cheese instead of sour cream. Just be sure to add it after the sauce has simmered to prevent curdling and stir slowly so it doesn’t clump together.

Stroganoff is an irresistible dish from Russia that’s widely considered a comfort food classic. It consists of strips of beef marinated in a creamy sauce with onions and mushrooms, served over rice, noodles or mashed potatoes for extra indulgence.

This recipe is simple to prepare and packed with an irresistible Russian flavor the whole family will enjoy. Vegetarians can rejoice as this dish can easily be made without sour cream if desired.

To prepare this beef stroganoff recipe, start by sauteing onions and mushrooms in butter until tender. Then, whisk beef broth and flour together to form a slurry that will thicken the sauce.

Once the mixture has thickened, stir in the beef strips. This step is essential as it ensures that your meat has reached an appropriate temperature before you add sour cream.

If you’re looking to make this recipe dairy-free, substitute coconut milk for the sour cream. It will still taste amazing, but it won’t be quite as rich as the original dish.

Alternatively, you could substitute nutritional yeast for the sour cream. This is an ideal way to add a cheesy taste without detracting from the original beef stroganoff flavor.

This recipe is the ideal winter meal that everyone will love! Plus, it freezes well for later reheating in either the microwave or stovetop. If you want to store leftovers separately in zippered bags until use when reheating them again.

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