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King Cake Recipes – Manny Randazzo’s Bakery in New Orleans

One of the most popular king cake recipes out there is from Manny Randazzo’s bakery in New Orleans. If you love king cakes and Mardi Gras, then you’re going to want to try this recipe out. It’s a great treat that you can make ahead for your next party. And it’s so easy to prepare.

Manny Randazzo’s Bakery

During Carnival season in New Orleans, Manny Randazzo’s Bakery generates serious traffic, especially on North Hullen. The bakery is known for its popular Carnival items, including the king cake. They ship their king cakes across the country. Among their selections are the traditional cinnamon king cake, as well as a pecan praline flavor.

King cakes are made of a dough ring rolled up. These are then covered in white icing and sprinkled with colored sugar. At Nonna Randazzo’s Bakery, they also sell a king cake topped with purple sugar and multicolored sprinkles.

For the past 50 years, the Randazzo family has been making king cakes. Their recipes are based on a traditional recipe that was created by their grandfather, Manuel Randazzo Sr. He served in the United States Army during WWII. His son, Anthony, worked with him. When his father passed away in 1988, his family inherited the business.

Several cousins of the Randazzo family now own the business. In fact, there are five bakeries owned by the family in the New Orleans area.

The company’s headquarters is in Metairie, Louisiana. Although they ship king cakes around the country, the bakery only sells them during the Carnival season. It’s one of the best places to find a king cake.

The bakery is open on Saturdays and Sundays. This year, their king cakes are available online. You can order them overnight. You’ll get a Mardi Gras cup with your cake, and they’ll ship it anywhere in the continental U.S.

Some people say that the Randazzo family’s king cake is better than any other in New Orleans. I’ve eaten them, and they’re moist and delicious.

Sugar Love Cakes Bakery

The Sugar Love Cakes Bakery is a local favorite in the New Orleans Northshore. This king cake purveyor makes both full sized king cakes and King Cake on a Stick.

The king cake is a sweet confection that has been enjoyed in New Orleans for decades. A king cake is a traditional New Orleans Mardi Gras dessert. It is a rich dough ring with cinnamon and sugar.

There are many bakeries in New Orleans that offer a wide variety of king cakes. Some of these bakeries are well known while others are surprising.

Nonna Randazzo’s is a long standing “elite” in the world of king cakes. This bakery has several stores in the New Orleans area. In addition to their famous king cake, this family owned business also offers croissants and other delicious pastries.

One of the most popular king cake on the market is the king cake on a stick. This version of the classic is dusted with purple, green, and gold sugar.

Another is the Sucre King Cake. This smaller and more expensive treat is often enjoyed at parties. You can get this king cake at Waitr or order it through Uber Eats.

For a more traditional king cake, check out the traditional king cake from Brennan’s. It’s back this year with the Pink Parade king cake.

There are also several upscale bakeries in the New Orleans area. These bakeries offer modern king cake recipes while still retaining the traditional charm.

One of the biggest family names in the local king cake industry is Caywood-Randazzo’s. Their king cake is made daily and uses fresh ingredients. They also use hand braided dough.

The king cake is not only a tradition, but a fun one to boot! Try a King Cake Party to sample many different king cakes.

Hi-Do Bakery

If you have a hankering for a good king cake, you are in luck. There are plenty of options around Mardi Gras. However, there is one baker who has garnered a cult following every year.

Nonna Randazzo’s is an authentic king cake purveyor. The company has been making king cakes for many years. They are available at retailers across the New Orleans area. Their king cake is a cinnamon dough ring. This is topped with purple and green sugar, beads, and a plastic baby figurine.

Hi-Do Bakery is another king cake purveyor. Like the other bakers, Hi-Do is located in Gretna. This cake is similar to the traditional McKenzies style, but it does have one major difference. It is topped with extra sugar sprinkles.

Aside from the traditional cake, DP bakery offers six different king cakes. They offer in-person pick-up, and a preorder service for the coveted cake. Unfortunately, their king cakes tend to sell out by noon. Fortunately, they also ship king cakes nationwide.

Among the other bakers in town, Margo Robert makes an excellent king cake. Her king cake has a thin shimmering glaze. Another pastry genius, John Caluda, heads up Caluda’s King Cake.

You can find a king cake from Brennan’s Restaurant, which is now offering a pink parade king cake. Similarly, you can find a king cake from the renowned Cake Cafe.

If you’re looking for a unique king cake that will stand out from the crowd, go for the Chantilly filled king cake. At this bakery, the king cake is shot through with strawberries and blueberries. Also, you can choose from the traditional Bavarian cream or the almond cream.

Gambino’s Bakery

Gambino’s Bakery is an old school bakery in New Orleans that has been serving up king cakes for 70 years. The bakery was founded by Joe Gambino in 1949.

The bakery offers several different types of king cakes, including praline and cream cheese, and a Bavarian cream variety. Gambino’s also has a traditional king cake with a cinnamon filling.

Unlike many bakeries, the king cake at Gambino’s is made with special danish dough, which makes it lighter and more pastry-like. It is filled with various fillings such as Bavarian cream, coconut, and cream cheese.

If you’re planning to have a Mardi Gras party, you might want to consider buying a king cake kit from Gambino’s. The kit comes with icing and colored sugar.

You can also pick up a king cake from the bakery or order online. The bakery offers six different flavors. Generally, the king cake sells out by noon. However, the bakery has a limited walk-in selection during the mornings.

A number of New Orleans bakeries have found their way onto the market, flooding the market with creative king cakes. For example, Margo Robert has recently opened her own bakery. She specializes in making beautiful king cakes.

Wishing Town, located on the outskirts of the French Quarter, also offers desserts. Their king cakes are unique, with flavors like durian crepe cake, taro crepe cake, and sweet red bean paste.

One of the newest king cake purveyors in New Orleans is B Sweet. This new bakery is located on the outskirts of the French quarter, and it serves up a wide array of delicious cakes and desserts. They offer a traditional king cake, and they also have a savory version.

Mardi Gras tradition

The King Cake is a traditional Mardi Gras sweet that is traditionally served between January 6 and Fat Tuesday. It is made of rich dough that is baked and decorated in a variety of colors.

In the early days of the tradition, king cakes consisted of a ring of dough with a small amount of decoration. One of the most popular varieties is a cinnamon dough ring covered with sugar.

Today, king cakes are baked in a variety of forms and are available in different fillings and flavors. Some king cakes contain beans or pecans that are hidden inside of them.

One popular variation of a king cake is the Randazzo’s brand of King Cake. This particular king cake is a traditional Louisiana recipe. Originally, it was created by the Randazzo family. These days, it is a popular treat in New Orleans.

In fact, the Randazzo family has been professional bakers for several generations. Their roots are in southeast Louisiana, including the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain.

They have a long history of baking and have been serving Mardi Gras sweets for decades. Their king cakes are considered to be among the best in New Orleans.

The company’s king cakes are shipped all over the world. You can order their classic cinnamon king cakes, as well as their cream cheese and pecan praline king cakes.

Their products can be found in many restaurants, cafes and hotels throughout The Crescent City. A little known fact is that the Caywood brothers knead 50,000 king cakes for Carnival every year.

Another popular king cake is the Sucre’s brand of king cake. They make their king cakes from a buttery danish pastry that is sweetened with raw cane sugar and cinnamon.

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