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PF Chang Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

If you’re looking for a recipe to make PF Chang’s Kung Pao Chicken at home, then you’ve come to the right place. This is an easy, low carb, Keto, and healthy recipe that’s sure to be a hit with your family and friends!

Easy and healthy

Kung pao chicken is a classic Chinese takeout dish. Traditionally, it is a spicy dish made with soy sauce, dried red chilies, and Sichuan peppercorns. It is a perfect meal for weeknights or special occasions. This easy and healthy version is less spicy than the original.

If you want to enjoy the flavors of kung pao chicken without the calories, you can make this recipe using a lean chicken breast. Just add a few vegetables to the mix.

Start by browning the chicken. This gives it a crisp texture, and it also seals in the juices. The chicken should be cooked on all sides.

Once the chicken is cooked, it should be tossed with the vegetables. You can serve it over rice, noodles, or quinoa. Try to use a variety of fresh veggies for this recipe.

When the chicken is finished cooking, stir in the sauce. Add in some water to thin the sauce.

You can also make a quick slurry of corn starch and water to thicken the sauce. Adding some toasted sesame oil to the pan adds depth of flavor to the sauce.

After adding all of the ingredients to the pot, cook them for a minute. You can garnish the plate with toasted sesame seeds or green onion slices.

If you like a spicy version of this dish, you can add a few red bell peppers to the mix. Another alternative is to substitute the peanuts for cashews.

You can also make a crockpot version of this recipe. In a crockpot, simply add the chicken and the sauce to the crockpot. Cook on high for about 4 hours. The chicken can then be frozen for up to two months.

Low carb

If you’re looking for a tasty low carb Chinese restaurant dish, try this Kung Pao Chicken recipe. It has all the flavor of the traditional takeout version, but in a healthier, grain-free version. This is a great meal for people on the keto diet or for anyone looking for a delicious, protein-packed meal.

Kung Pao chicken is an easy-to-make, tasty, healthy meal. It’s high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and it can be made using a grain-free crust. You’ll also find the classic flavors of your favorite Chinese restaurant.

To start, you’ll need fresh chicken. For the most authentic taste, you’ll want to use tender thighs, which will keep the meat juicy and flavorful.

Stir the chicken with ginger and garlic. After it’s cooked, you can add the vegetables and top it with sauce. The sauce can be made with liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar, erythritol, ginger, or fish sauce. You can also substitute sesame oil or black pepper.

Serve the kung pao chicken over your favorite rice or noodles. You can even serve it with cauliflower and broccoli.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can make it in your crock pot or Instant Pot. Just be sure to stir the chicken well, and drain the excess water.

One of the best things about this dish is that you can make it in large batches. Store it in the fridge, and it will last for three to four days.

You can also enjoy this low carb, keto friendly meal with a bowl of Asian Caesar salad. It’s lower in calories and sodium, and it’s packed with 14 grams of protein and 46 grams of fat.


Pf Chang Kung Pao Chicken is an easy keto meal to prepare at home. It combines the best of both worlds, with a tasty combination of sweet, spicy, and salty stir fry sauce.

This dish is often a customer favorite at American Chinese chain restaurants like Panda Express. In fact, Kung Pao Chicken is often the most ordered item on a takeout menu. Traditionally, this dish is made using a low-carb vegetable mix, but you can also make it with chicken thighs.

While a Kung Pao Chicken can be enjoyed by anyone, it is particularly appealing to those following a keto diet. The dish is a great source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. To make a truly keto-friendly dish, it’s important to cook the chicken in the right way.

First, prepare the sauce. In a large skillet, heat one tablespoon of vegetable oil over medium-high heat. When the oil is hot, add the chicken. Cook until the chicken is no longer pink. Next, add the vegetables. Let the vegetables cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Add a handful of crunchy peanuts for a fun twist on this traditional Asian dish.

Next, add the special All-Purpose Chinese Stir Fry Sauce. Unlike traditional Kung Pao chicken, the sauce is a little thicker, which allows it to coat the other ingredients.

Finally, mix the sauce with the chicken and veggies. Serve the dish with a bed of cauliflower rice. You can also use a grain-free crust for an even healthier version of this dish.

While you can use store-bought sauces to replicate the Kung Pao Chicken, it’s a lot easier to create a delicious keto-friendly version of this dish.

PF Chang’s kung pao chicken copycat

A PF Chang’s Kung Pao Chicken Copycat is a great way to feed a crowd without breaking the bank. This one dish meal comes together in a jiffy, thanks to a few smart kitchen tricks and ingredients that are common in most kitchens. The resulting feast is sure to be a hit at the dinner table, or on the go. And best of all, it’s a no-fuss recipe, which is a big plus for anyone who enjoys cooking and eating.

The PF Chang’s Kung Pao chicken copycat is a tasty combination of flavors and textures that will satisfy the taste buds of the entire family. Moreover, the recipe is a breeze to make, and will keep for up to three to four days in the fridge. That means you’ll have plenty of leftovers to feast on for days to come. Served on its own or paired with a green veggie and a bowl of rice, this delicious and nutritious meal is sure to please even the pickiest eater.

Of course, if you’re planning on a multi-course meal, you may want to stick with the main dish and leave the side dishes for last. For a weeknight dinner, this should serve you well, and will impress even the most finicky of family members. However, if you’re looking to feed a party of five or more, you’ll want to make a second, or even third, serving.

PF Chang’s kung pao chicken is white meat

PF Chang’s Kung Pao Chicken is one of the most popular spicy chicken entrees served at the 89-unit China bistro chain. This dish comes in the form of a marinated chicken breast that is coated in a special sauce. The chicken is then fried until it is crispy.

A variety of ingredients go into the making of this popular Chinese dish. For example, there are ingredients like soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and chili peppers. But the most important thing to remember is that the marinade should be perfect. It should be enough to coat the chicken, but not so much that it overpowers the flavor of the chicken.

Another thing that makes this dish different from many others is the addition of rice. Rice helps to cool your tongue off the spice of the dish. You can order it stir-fried or steamed. And you can even go vegetarian by choosing to add tofu to your plate.

Other dishes on the menu at PF Chang’s include Peking duck, which comes in a large serving plate and is cooked on high heat to create a crispy skin. It’s also available in a steamed option, which is less calorie-dense. There are also low-calorie options, like Buddha’s Feast, which is made with a vegetable-heavy blend of vegetables.

PF Chang’s also has a separate gluten-free menu. In addition, they provide allergen information on their menu items. However, they do not guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. So be sure to ask.

As with all dietary options, it’s best to check out the nutritional facts on the menu before ordering. Each serving of PF Chang’s Kung Pao chicken is 720-960 calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure to eat healthy foods, including brown rice and vegetables.

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