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Panda Express Beef and Broccoli Recipe

If you’re looking for a great tasting meal that is also incredibly easy to make, you should try out this recipe for panda express beef and broccoli. With just a few simple ingredients, you’ll be on your way to delicious meals that everyone will love!


If you’re looking for a quick and healthy dinner, try making Panda Express beef and broccoli. This Asian inspired dish uses tender strips of beef and fresh broccoli, stir fried in a savory Asian sauce. It’s a hearty meal, perfect for vegetarians and low-calorie eaters.

You can cook up this delicious and nutritious dish in just 30 minutes. In fact, it can be easily made gluten-free and keto-friendly. And since it’s made with less fat, it can be a great addition to your diet. For the sauce, use reduced sodium soy sauce to help control the salt in your dish.

The ingredients for panda express beef and broccoli are simple, but they make a flavorful dish that is worth the effort. These include garlic, soy sauce, cornstarch, and ginger. Depending on your tastes, you can substitute the garlic for minced garlic, or add more Sriracha for a spicy kick.

Since the dish is cooked in a wok, you will need to prepare it ahead of time. You can do this by cutting the vegetables into bite-sized pieces. This helps to ensure that your dish will be evenly cooked. Also, the cut vegetables will be less likely to overcook.

Once you have your cuts of beef ready, you can stir fry them in the wok. Make sure that your pan is hot, and that you stir constantly to prevent sticking. When the steak is done, add it to the sauce. To thicken the sauce, you can use cornstarch.

To serve your meal, you can eat your meat with white rice or cauliflower rice. You can also top the dish with sesame seeds. Some people like to add onions to their dish. A few bell peppers can be added as well. Adding a squeeze of lemon will add a bit of acidity.

Panda beef and broccoli is one of the most popular dishes at takeout restaurants. You can also order this dish online. While the dish can be prepared in a nonstick skillet, a wok is the ideal way to create it. By using a wok, you’ll get the same tasty results in just a fraction of the time.

Panda Express Beef and Broccoli is a great meal to prepare for vegetarians and vegans. The dish is low in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat. Plus, the beef is lean and contains a lot of protein and fiber.

If you’re a pescatarian, you can also order this dish. However, it’s worth noting that you won’t find any vegan or gluten-free options at Panda Express. Besides, the restaurant uses seasonal packaging and allergens to ensure that their customers are safe.

If you want to learn how to make this dish at home, you can find a copycat recipe on the internet. Alternatively, you can also use store bought ingredients to create the dish at home.

Nutritional information

Panda Express is a popular restaurant that offers a variety of fried dishes and vegetables. The menu includes a number of protein-rich options, but the calorie count can be higher than some people expect. You can easily order a low-fat meal or opt for the Wok Smart entrees. If you are looking for a low-calorie meal, it is best to look for vegetables and soups.

Panda Express is a fast food chain that operates in over 1,700 locations across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam. It offers a wide selection of seafood, beef, and chicken. However, it may contain ingredients that can be a problem for people with certain food allergies. Fortunately, there are a few foods that are less allergenic than others.

Broccoli beef is one of the most well-rounded and healthful options on the Panda Express menu. This dish is made with broccoli and lean beef. It is high in fiber and low in fat, which is good for your body.

Another good option at Panda Express is the orange chicken. This dish is dipped in a sweet orange sauce. Orange chicken contains a high amount of sodium and sugar. Normally, it is served over white or fried rice. Although it is not as bad as other fried foods, it is still not a healthy choice.

Aside from Orange Chicken, you can also try a dish of beef broccoli stir-fry. This dish has a moderate amount of calories and is lower in fat than fried options. Also, it is low in cholesterol and sodium.

You can also go for the black pepper Angus steak. The dish is delicious and satisfying. Compared to Beijing beef, it is less fatty and has more protein. Similarly, the string bean chicken breast is a healthier choice. Both entrees have 9 grams of total fat, and 6 grams of protein.

Panda Express fried rice is also not the healthiest option. This is due to the cooking process, which uses oil. It is better to have white rice rather than fried. Moreover, there are fewer ingredients in the rice.

As a matter of fact, it is important to remember that the calorie counts of Panda Express meals do not include the rice. They can be lower or higher depending on the size and quantity of your order. Therefore, you should consider your options carefully. For instance, the large order contains 190mg of sodium and 38g of carbs.

Depending on the location, the tea bar can be a healthful alternative. There are drinks like boba pearls and lychee fruit jelly. In addition, they provide unique hand-crafted beverages.

Panda Express offers a variety of lunch and dinner entrees. Almost all of the options have a calorie count of 141 to 153 per serving. However, a large portion can be more than a third of the recommended daily intake.


Panda Express Beef and Broccoli is one of the chain’s most popular dishes. It’s a tasty combination of tender meat and broccoli coated in a delicious Asian sauce. You can make a copycat version at home with only a few ingredients.

The dish is a great choice for those on a keto or gluten free diet. The protein-rich beef and fiber-rich broccoli are a great combination. This dish is also low in fat, high in vitamin A and minerals, and contains a lot of iron.

Although the chain’s signature dish is made from beef, you can make a copycat version using other vegetables, such as cauliflower and quinoa. You can also use liquid aminos instead of cornstarch for a soy-free alternative. Another option is to add in spinach or green cabbage to substitute for broccoli florets.

To make the dish, start by heating up 2 tablespoons of high smoke point oil in a large wok. You can also choose to use a non-stick pan. Depending on your taste, you can also add a dash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for extra flavor.

When the pan is hot, stir in the broccoli. Cook the vegetable until it becomes bright green. Once the broccoli has gotten to the right color, add in the beef. If you want to avoid sticking, continuously stir the meat and sauce. Finally, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

The secret to a perfect version of this dish is to slice the meat against the grain. This will help it to cook more evenly. Slicing against the grain will also prevent your beef from being overcooked, which makes it less tender.

After you’ve cooked the meat, it’s time to start frying the vegetables. Stir the ingredients to create the perfect sauce. The sauce is a combination of soy sauce, brown sugar, minced garlic, ginger, and Shaoxing wine. You can also add in rice wine or honey.

Once you’ve added the broccoli, make sure to stir constantly until the sauce thickens. You can also add a pinch of salt at this time. Keep the ingredients alight for a few minutes, then serve with rice.

Besides being a healthy meal, it’s also easy to make. Follow the steps above and you’ll soon be enjoying a panda express broccoli beef copycat. Using a wok is the best method for creating this dish, and it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time.

Make sure you follow the directions on the package. For instance, the broccoli should be sliced in thin tiles, which will help it to cook more evenly. However, if you’re on a diet, you can skip this step, as the vegetable is low in calories.

This recipe is a healthy and low-calorie version of the Chinese takeout favorite. Whether you’re on a diet or not, it’s always a good idea to eat more vegetables.

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