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Olive Garden Chicken Bruschetta Recipe

Olive Garden is one of the best restaurants in the country and is known for its delicious dishes. Those who are looking for a copycat recipe of this restaurant’s dish will be happy to know that you can easily make this chicken bruschetta recipe right at home!

This meal consists of grilled chicken breasts topped with a homemade tomato topping. It also has garlic, basil leaves and a balsamic glaze.


The olive garden chicken bruschetta recipe is a delicious way to enjoy the flavors of a restaurant meal at home. It features tender, cheesy, breaded chicken topped with a savory tomato topping made with ripe tomatoes, garlic, and basil.

This recipe is perfect for a weeknight dinner. It can be prepared ahead of time, and it only gets better as it sits in the fridge.

Bruschetta is a traditional Italian appetizer that features breaded slices of bread that are rubbed with garlic and drizzled with olive oil. It can be eaten as an appetizer or added to a salad, soup, or omelette for extra flavor and texture.

It is often served with a side of fresh vegetables and dips like sour cream or deviled eggs, but it can also be used as an ingredient in a main dish. If you want to make a bruschetta chicken pasta dish, spoon the cheesy sauce over cooked spaghetti or angel hair pasta, and top with fresh tomatoes and basil for a light and easy Mediterranean dinner that the whole family will love.

To prepare this delicious dish, you will need chicken breasts, a few ingredients for the sauce, and some olive oil and butter. The chicken can be breaded or grilled, and the sauce can be made in a slow cooker.

Once the sauce is made, you will add the grilled chicken to it and cook until it is done. It should be cooked through and the cheese will have melted.

Serve this delicious chicken dish with a side of creamy mashed potatoes or other vegetables, and you will have an authentic, comforting dinner. This is a great recipe to serve with a glass of wine and a piece of crusty Italian bread.

This recipe will make about four servings. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days. If you have any leftovers, you can reheat the sauce in a skillet.

This is a simple and delicious recipe that you will want to make again and again. It is a great meal to make for your family and friends, and it tastes just like you are eating at a restaurant!

Prep Time

If you love the flavors of Olive Garden, you’ll want to make this copycat recipe. It takes just a few minutes of your time to prepare and tastes just like the real thing.

This easy grilled bruschetta chicken recipe is made with tender rotisserie chicken, fresh tomatoes, basil, lemon juice, and garlic. The combination of these ingredients turns a simple meal into something that is sure to delight your family and friends.

You can even prepare the grilled bruschetta mixture ahead of time and keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve it. Just make sure that the bruschetta tomato topping is cooled before storing it in an airtight container to prevent the bread from getting soggy.

Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer that is often served with thick grilled bread slices, chopped tomatoes, and select herbs and seasonings. It is a great dish for parties and can be served as an appetizer or a light dinner.

The grilled chicken in this recipe is a popular menu item at Olive Garden, so you’ll be happy to know that it is not difficult to make at home. You’ll just need a little time to cook the chicken and then prep the other ingredients.

Prep the bruschetta tomato mixture by combining a few grape tomatoes, 3-4 tablespoons of basil, a bit of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper, and some olive oil. You can add more basil or a few cloves of garlic for extra flavor.

Once the tomato mixture is prepared, you can prepare the roasted garlic cream sauce by bringing the sauce to a simmer over medium-high heat. You will need to add a few tablespoons of butter as well as the reserved seasoned flour to help thicken the sauce. You can also add a few tablespoons of white wine to the sauce for added flavor.

This easy roasted garlic sauce will give you that deliciously warm and hearty flavor of a restaurant-style Olive Garden meal. The recipe requires a few pantry staples and can be easily made in the crockpot. It’s a great option for busy families looking for a quick and easy dinner.

Cook Time

This olive garden chicken bruschetta recipe is a quick and easy dinner that can be made in the slow cooker. It’s a perfect dish for a busy weeknight.

The chicken is cooked in Olive Garden Italian dressing, cream cheese and Parmesan cheese to create a creamy sauce that pairs well with pasta. The whole family will love this easy and delicious dinner!

It’s a great way to use up leftover shredded chicken. You can also serve this dish with garlic bread or fresh salad for a meal that’s both satisfying and healthy.

In this slow cooker olive garden chicken bruschetta recipe, boneless skinless chicken breasts are topped with Olive Garden Italian dressing, cream cheese and Parmesan and then baked until fork tender. The recipe can be made even easier by grilling the chicken instead of baking it.

You’ll need a large slow cooker to prepare this recipe. A 6-quart slow cooker is ideal but you can use a larger one, too. Spray the inside of the slow cooker with nonstick spray and place 3-4 thawed boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the bottom of the slow cooker.

Pour 2 cups of Olive Garden Italian dressing over the chicken breasts and add 1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese to the mixture. Next, tear up a block of cream cheese and place it on top or around the chicken. Cover the slow cooker and cook on low for 5-6 hours or high for 3-4 hours until the chicken is fork tender.

Once the chicken is cooked, shred it with two forks and mix it with the cream cheese and dressing. You can then serve it over penne pasta or other pasta that will hold up to the sauce and cheese.

Another popular option is to make it as a dip for chips. Just be sure to eat this meal with a healthy side like grilled broccoli, cucumbers or spinach.

If you prefer a lighter version of the dish, substitute Neufatchel cheese or low-fat cream cheese for the traditional cream cheese. This will still be creamy but not quite as rich and delicious. You can also reduce the amount of sauce used in this recipe.


Aside from being a great meal for the family, this recipe is also very cost-effective. It’s perfect for busy moms on a budget or anyone who wants a tasty restaurant-style meal without breaking the bank.

Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer that consists of bread slices that have been rubbed with garlic and then drizzled with olive oil. It’s also typically topped with fresh tomatoes and basil.

This copycat olive garden chicken bruschetta recipe is a twist on the classic dish, combining toasted bread with tomatoes and parmesan cheese. The resulting combination is delicious and impressive, so it’s no surprise that this version was featured on the menu at Olive Garden.

Although you’ll need a large amount of fresh, ripe tomatoes to make this recipe work, the finished product is surprisingly delicious. It’s got a nice balance of acidic, sweet and spicy flavors, and it’s incredibly easy to make in your own kitchen.

The tomato mixture in this recipe is the best part of the whole thing, and it can be made ahead of time. It’s also easy to store in a container until you’re ready to serve it, so you can keep it on hand when you need it.

Bruschetta has always been a popular choice for Italian appetizers, and this one is no exception. The combination of toasted bread, seasoned tomatoes and parmesan cheese is something that’s sure to please your crowd.

If you’re looking for a high-protein meal that is also low in calories, then this copycat Olive Garden chicken bruschetta recipe is the way to go! It’s the perfect choice for a weeknight dinner or as an easy lunch to grab on your way out the door.

Bruschetta is a great appetizer or light snack to enjoy on its own or paired with other dishes, so it’s no wonder this dish is one of the most popular at Olive Garden. This is a tasty and satisfying recipe that will have you coming back for more!

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