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Mexican Relish Recipe

Mexican relish is a classic topping for hot dogs, turkey burgers and even tacos. Its bright and flavourful, but not too spicy – and it’s made with apple cider vinegar to tame the heat.

Make it this summer and serve with your grilled chicken or turkey and tortillas. You’ll be surprised how versatile it is!


A salsa (Spanish for “sauce”) is a type of condiment made from chopped fresh vegetables and sometimes fruits. The most common varieties include pico de gallo, guacamole and salsa fresca. The best part of this mexican relish recipe is that it only requires a handful of ingredients, most of which you probably already have on hand. It’s a great accompaniment for sandwiches, hot dogs and nachos, but it can also be used as a sauce on scrambled eggs or beans and rice. Be sure to let the mixture chill in the fridge before serving. It’s a fun addition to your summer dinner rotation!


A condiment that can be served with a variety of dishes, salsa is a spicy sauce that can be made from fresh or cooked ingredients. It can be a bit chunky in texture and contains a relatively low amount of liquid. It can also be pureed, making it saucier. Salsas can be made from a variety of foods, including tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chilies, and lime juice. There are different kinds of salsa and some, like pico de gallo, can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days. This Mexican relish recipe is delicious on tacos, enchiladas, and salads. It’s a favorite for parties and is easy to make! It is best when kept in the refrigerator. This recipe makes 5 pint sized jars. If you want to can this relish, follow standard canning procedures and process for 20 minutes. Then remove jars from boiling water and allow to cool before sealing.


In the Mexican cuisine, escabeche is a popular condiment for tacos. It is made with pickled carrots and jalapenos and is infused in a garlicky brine, and can be found at any Mexican restaurant or food cart serving street-style tacos. It can be served as a side dish, or spooned on top of tortillas and other dishes to give them a kick. It is easy to make and is a great addition to any meal. It only requires three ingredients and can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. It is also easy to can and makes a perfect gift!


A dish of sauce or relish is an essential element in any Mexican meal. The word salsa in Spanish means “sauce” and refers to a wide range of dishes that typically feature cooked tomatoes, chili peppers, onion, garlic, and fresh cilantro or coriander. It can take on various forms, ranging from chunky pico de gallo to ultra smooth, pureed versions like salsa verde. This mexican relish recipe is a great way to add a kick of flavor to a traditional Mexican taco, but it can also be served with grilled chicken or fish, used in fajitas, or as a condiment on top of a bowl of rice. It is easy to prepare and requires just three ingredients. Keep in mind that this relish needs to be allowed to marinate for a minimum of 24 hours before serving so make sure to plan ahead.

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