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Instant Pot Miso Ramen Recipe

When looking for an instant pot miso ramen recipe, there are a lot of options to choose from. Some of them include chicken, sesame seeds and a tasty soup base. However, which recipe is right for you?


An Instant pot miso ramen recipe is quick to prepare and can be made with a few ingredients. It’s also hearty and packed with protein.

The base of the soup includes ginger, garlic, and chicken broth. For additional flavor, add in Asian greens like bok choy and shiitake. You can also add in shredded chicken or sliced hard-boiled eggs.

Start by placing the chicken breast into your Instant Pot. Seal and cook on the Soup setting for 7 minutes. Flip it halfway through the cooking time. If the meat isn’t cooked through, remove it and cook for another minute or two.

Next, add the miso paste to the pot. After 5 minutes, the miso paste should be dissolved and the soup should be ready.

Once the soup is finished, you can add any garnishes you’d like. Sliced scallions, Asian greens, shredded carrots, and shredded chicken are great options.

To add a nuttier layer of flavor, consider adding sesame oil. Heat over medium-high heat until fragrant. Add the sesame oil and other seasonings. Mix thoroughly.

You can serve this miso ramen recipe with ramen noodles, miso broth, soft-boiled eggs, or roasted tomatoes. Traditionally, ramen noodles are made with salt, but some varieties are made with other grains.

Another option is to use dry ramen noodles. Dry ramen noodles take only 2 minutes to cook.

If you would prefer to make a vegetarian version, you can replace the chicken with vegetable broth. Vegetarian ramen will not have the same depth of flavor as the other types, but it’s a tasty meal nonetheless.

A good ramen dish is a blend of textures. A good example is the Creamy Sesame Miso Ramen.

Creamy sesame miso broth

The Creamy Sesame Miso Ramen is an instant pot recipe that is creamy and packed with plenty of noodles. It is also a great choice for vegans.

The recipe uses ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. This one pot meal can be ready in under 15 minutes.

First, you need to get the right ingredients. Make sure to buy white miso paste, which is typically found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Also, be on the lookout for soy milk, which will help create a creamy broth.

Next, you need to toast the sesame seeds. To do this, place them in a pan over medium heat. They will take about a minute to become fragrant.

After they are toasted, you can crush them with a mortar and pestle, or use a small Suribachi. You can then add them to the miso broth and other components of the soup.

You can serve this soup with a variety of toppings, such as green onions, chili oil, and eggs. You can even garnish it with a few crispy mushrooms.

Finally, you can add some toasted ramen noodles for added texture. If you are going for creaminess, consider adding a bit of vegan butter.

For a truly impressive miso based ramen, be sure to garnish it with a few other goodies. You can use a soy sauce substitute or a drizzle of tamari. Or if you are feeling especially fancy, top it with some fried tofu. A side of scallions would be nice as well.

The Creamy Sesame Miso Bowl is a one-pot meal that takes the average ramen noodle soup and adds a few fancy touches.

Soy sauce

When you’re making ramen, you can use a variety of different ingredients. Soy sauce in instant pot miso ramen recipe is one way to add a healthy, protein-rich element to your meal. It’s also easy to make. This recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes.

First, you’ll want to have all your ingredients ready. You’ll need a heavy-bottomed pot, soy sauce in instant pot miso ramen, and noodles. You can choose from dried or fresh noodles.

Once your noodles are prepared, you’ll need to cook them according to package directions. To avoid overcooking your noodles, you’ll want to drain and rinse them well.

Next, you’ll need to saute your garlic. You’ll want to cook the garlic until it’s fragrant. Add a bit of sesame oil to the pan and heat it over medium-high heat.

Miso is a Japanese ingredient, and it’s an important part of a delicious ramen. Miso is full of nutrients and helps to create a creamy, nuttier broth.

Tofu is a great addition to a bowl of ramen. If you’re using soy sauce in instant pot miso raman, it’s best to use a low-sodium brand. The soy sauce in instant pot ramen is diluted with water.

After the noodles are done, you’ll want to top them off with any vegetables or toppings you want. Try serving with hard-boiled eggs or green onions. For a more flavorful, spicy dish, try adding jalapeno slices.

A few other options to spice up your ramen are to add some chili oil and rice vinegar. Don’t forget to sprinkle some nori on top. Nori is an excellent source of iron.

For more savoury notes, you can add some earthy mushrooms. Alternatively, you can use chicken thighs. Whether you’re cooking for one or for a crowd, this soup is quick and easy to make.


Miso ramen is a Japanese noodle soup, which is rich in umami. It has a rich flavor and is very versatile. You can make it with chicken broth, pork broth, or even with a combination of both. The ingredients in the ramen include soybean paste, noodles, vegetables, and other toppings.

The Instant Pot makes cooking miso ramen noodles quick and easy. Just add your ramen, a chicken or pork broth, and your greens, and you’re ready to go!

If you’re using an Instant Pot, you can cook the noodles right after the broth is done. For a fast meal, you can also use the Saute mode to cook the noodles in the broth.

This dish is rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s also low in fat, as miso is made from fermented soybeans. Another benefit is that it’s a good source of protein. Compared to other salty foods, miso doesn’t raise blood pressure as much.

To serve the miso ramen, you can top it with crunchy toppings such as bamboo shoots and spring onions. You can also add mushrooms, sweet corn, chashu, tofu, bean sprouts, or spinach.

One of the best things about making instant pot miso ramen is the fact that you can cook everything at once. The ramen noodle cakes will come out just as chewy and delicious as traditional ramen noodles.

When you’re serving your ramen, you can add more toppings, such as sliced fish cakes, tofu, nori sheets, or wakame seaweed. A soft boiled egg can be added to the broth for an extra boost of creaminess.

Some people choose to marinate their ramen with soy sauce and mirin for a more unique flavor. Make sure to garnish your ramen with scallions to enhance the flavor.


If you’re a fan of miso ramen, you’ve probably heard about its many health benefits. It helps lower blood pressure, and is also a source of several essential B vitamins. Besides, it’s also very easy to make.

Miso is a fermented soybean paste that is widely available in the grocery store. It can be yellow, red, or brown, and has a savory flavor. It’s also a good source of vitamins E and K.

If you don’t have miso, you can substitute with dashi, a fish stock. Dashi is an important ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Adding miso to a pot of broth will enhance its taste.

Once you’ve made the soup, you can add various vegetables. Some of the most common include spinach, carrots, mushrooms, and bok choy.

You can also add a soft-boiled egg. To top it off, you can serve it with sesame seeds and green onions.

Miso ramen is usually topped with vegetables. Veggies are loaded with nutrients and can help fight off disease.

Vegetables also have minimal calories. You can also replace chicken with tofu, or bok choy with shrimp.

For more nutrition, you can add rice noodles to the soup. A bowl of ramen can contain around 550-650 calories. In addition, it’s packed with unique flavors and ingredients.

This recipe uses an instant pot. It only takes about 30 minutes to cook. And you can make the noodles ahead of time.

The recipe calls for 6 cups of broth. But you can also use vegetable stock. Keep in mind that it’s best to cook the broth for at least 20 minutes.

If you want a nuttier soup, you can add sesame oil. Sesame oil is rich with sesame seeds.

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