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Healthy Brown Rice Ramen Recipes

If you love ramen noodles, but don’t want to deal with all the hidden fats and additives found in the commercial varieties, we’ve got a few healthy brown rice ramen recipes for you.

These tasty vegan recipes are quick to make, and are made from only a handful of ingredients. Plus, they’re all gluten-free and completely delicious!

1. Vegan Ramen Noodle Soup

If you’re a ramen noodle lover, you know that this dish can be a hearty, satisfying meal. And with a little sleuthing, you can still enjoy your favorite bowl of ramen without compromising on a vegan lifestyle.

Ramen is a popular Asian noodle dish that can be found in restaurants, supermarkets, and street food stands throughout the world. It’s often served with a hot broth and vegetables.

To make this soup vegan, you’ll need to skip the chicken or beef broth and replace it with vegetable stock. Vegetable stock is a great way to add depth of flavor to your ramen, and it’s easy to find at most grocery stores.

Once you’ve made the veggie stock, it’s time to combine it with the remaining ingredients for your vegan ramen. You’ll need vegetable broth, ramen noodles, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, a sweetener of your choice, and nondairy milk.

You’ll want to cook the ramen noodles according to package instructions before adding them to the soup. This will ensure that they don’t overcook and become mushy.

The ramen noodles will soften in the warm soup, so you can easily serve them with the toppings you like. Toppings can include fresh cilantro, sriracha, shredded cabbage or kale, roasted peanuts, chili garlic oil, chopped green onions, and more!

For a spicy ramen, you can add a few drops of sriracha to the broth before serving. If you prefer a less spicy version, simply use less of the sriracha.

If you’re looking for an easy and nourishing noodle dish to whip up, try this vegan mushroom ramen. It’s a delicious and simple dinner that’s ready in just 15 minutes!

This soup is a copycat recipe from Wagamamas, which means you can make this restaurant-style dish right at home. This nourishing dish combines soy-sauteed mushrooms with noodles and a broth that’s bursting with umami flavor.

You’ll need some shiitake mushrooms for this soup, but you can substitute other mushrooms if they aren’t available. You’ll also need vegetable broth, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and a sriracha or other type of hot sauce for a kick.

2. Asian Salmon with Brown Rice Ramen Noodles

Asian Salmon with Brown Rice Ramen Noodles is a quick and easy meal, that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. It’s crispy salmon on a bed of soft lightly spiced noodles with flavours of garlic, ginger, soy and a little chilli.

To make this dish you will need: a pack of instant ramen noodles, a can of salmon fillets and a can of vegetable stock. You can also add a few extra ingredients, like fresh mushrooms or julienned carrots, to the sauce before adding the noodles, but this is optional.

The recipe uses a teriyaki sauce which is a traditional Japanese sauce made from soy sauce, mirin, sugar and sake. Often the mixture will also contain honey and ginger to ramp up the flavour.

Place the salmon fillets on a non-stick pan and cook for a couple of minutes each side until golden and crisp. Serve on top of the noodles with a drizzle of the sauce and a scattering of sesame seeds.

Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the packet instructions and drain. Stir fry the scallions (spring onions), peppers and sugar snap peas in the sesame oil for a few minutes before adding them to the sauce along with the rest of the sauce and noodles.

Once the salmon is cooked, remove it from the pan and divide it between two bowls. Arrange the noodles and a mushroom on top of each serving, then top with 3 to 4 ounces of salmon, sliced mushrooms, julienned carrots and sliced peppers. Ladle the hot broth over the noodles, garnish with sliced green onions, sesame seeds and a dollop of garlic chili oil.

If you want to add a few more veggies, try sauteed broccoli or spinach. For a meat-free option, substitute cauliflower rice with the noodles instead. You can also add a hard-boiled egg and scatter some toasted sesame seeds over the bowl before eating.

3. Vegan Vegetable Ramen Noodle Soup

Ramen is an iconic Japanese dish that combines noodles with a rich broth, vegetables, and a protein for a hearty and filling meal. It’s a comforting, satisfying, and widely popular meal that can be served as an appetizer or main course.

While the original ramen noodles are generally not vegetarian, many noodle makers have recently started producing veggie ramen options for those who are vegetarian or vegan. These vegetable ramen recipes are often healthier than their meaty counterparts and can be enjoyed by anyone who is looking for a delicious, filling, and affordable meal.

Veggie ramen recipes are usually made with long wheat noodles or gluten-free rice noodles. You can also find fried tofu and sauteed or steamed greens (pak choi, mustard greens, okra) in vegan ramen recipes.

To make your own veggie ramen soup, you’ll need a good broth that is rich in flavor and texture. You can buy vegetarian vegetable broth in a can at the grocery store or make it yourself from scratch.

When it comes to the noodles, you can choose to use fresh or dried ramen noodles and cook according to the package directions. Fresh ramen noodles cook quickly, so you don’t want to overcook them. Dried ramen noodles will take a few minutes longer to cook.

Once you have your ramen broth, add the cooked noodles, bok choy, and Shiitake mushrooms to your pot. Let everything simmer together for about 5-7 minutes until the vegetables are tender and the ramen is hot.

You can top your ramen with sesame seeds, green onions, and other garnishes to add extra flavor and texture. You can also drizzle sriracha sauce on top for a spicy kick!

If you’re a meat eater, try adding shredded rotisserie chicken or prawns to your ramen recipe. The resulting broth will be richer and more satisfying than your typical chicken-based broth.

To serve your ramen, divide it between two large bowls and ladle it over the noodles and vegetables. You can also shave some carrot and ginger matchsticks over the top for a contrasting texture. Finish with a sprinkle of sesame oil, and your favorite garnishes!

4. Vegan Miso Ramen Noodle Soup

Miso is a fermented paste made from soybeans, salt, and koji (a mold that transforms the soybeans into fatty acids, amino acids, and simple sugars). There are several different types of miso.

It’s a great source of probiotics, and its flavor is rich and deep. It’s a perfect addition to this ramen recipe.

This vegan miso ramen is a hearty, comforting meal that’s packed with vegetables and protein-rich tofu. It’s also easy to make, with the ingredients all coming together in one pot.

You can add a variety of toppings to this dish, such as chili oil, Sriracha, toasted nori, and roasted broccoli. Top it with a drizzle of sesame oil, and you’re ready for a bowl of deliciousness!

The base of this soup is a delicious broth, with plenty of umami and nutty flavor. Sesame paste adds a depth to the broth that mimics meat-based ramen broths, and milk adds a creamy texture that adds to its richness.

To make the broth, you’ll first combine ginger-garlic puree with water, soy milk, and miso, then simmer it with carrots and shiitake mushrooms until the carrots are tender. Then you’ll top it off with your favorite toppings, which can include green onions, sugar snap peas, and tofu.

When the noodles are cooked, you’ll drain them and then toss them into the soup along with the vegetables. This soup is incredibly easy to make and will be loved by all!

Before serving, I like to stir in a sprinkling of sliced wakame seaweed or nori for added savory and salty tang. You can also sprinkle a few scallions on top, and you’ll have a satisfying bowl of ramen!

To serve, divide the noodles among bowls and ladle in the broth. You can add your favorite toppings, such as sliced Narutomaki, a drizzle of sesame oil, a handful of toasted nori, or a dollop of roasted broccoli. Then, just sit back and enjoy this tasty vegan ramen!

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