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Guyanese Fried Rice Recipe

Fried Rice is a popular Chinese dish that contains a lot of calories and sodium. This recipe aims to make it a little healthier by substituting vegetable oil for sesame oil.

The dish also has a lot of veggies and protein packed eggs. Possible’s protein crispies and roasted chana add an extra nutritional kick.


The basic ingredient of guyanese fried rice is rice, which is stir fried in a wok with a variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices. This dish is popular across Asia and varies from country to country.

To make a perfect fried rice, the ingredients must be prepared in advance. This will make the process go more quickly. It is best to prep the vegetables and chop them in large chunks before frying them. It is also important to keep them at room temperature before frying.

When making this dish, you will need a large wok or a wide pan to fry the rice in. It is also essential to use a high flame when frying as this will ensure that the rice cooks thoroughly.

In addition to the rice, the other ingredients for this dish include bora beans, cabbage, and carrots. It is a delicious combination and a great choice for lunch or dinner.

If you want to make a more traditional version of this dish, you can add extra protein like shrimp or chicken. You can also try adding a dash of curry powder to the dish for a more savory taste.

You can also add a little bit of sambal, which is a spicy chili paste that can be found in Southeast Asia. This will add some heat to the dish and complement the flavors of the other ingredients.

The key to making this dish is to have everything ready in advance and use a large wok or a pan with high heat. This will ensure that the vegetables and the rice cook properly without sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Once the vegetables are fried, you can start preparing the rice. It is important to note that it is best not to overcook the rice as this will spoil the flavor. It is also necessary to mix the vegetables and the rice together so that they are all cooked evenly.

Once the rice is cooked, you can mix in the bora beans and the vegetables. This will ensure that the dish is well-balanced and has a delicious flavor.


Typically, guyanese fried rice is cooked with a variety of vegetables, savory sauces, and fresh spices. This dish is also commonly served with fried eggs, which adds an extra layer of flavor to the meal.

One of the most important preparation steps for this rice is to rinse it with cool water before cooking. This will help the rice shed some of its starch, which results in less clumpy grains when fried. It also makes it easier for all of the other ingredients to mix well with the rice, distributing flavor evenly throughout the dish.

Next, heat a large wok or pan over high heat and add a few tablespoons of oil. When hot, add onions and garlic to the pan. Saute until they have softened.

After a few minutes, add carrots and peas. Stir to combine.

Once everything is well mixed, remove from the stove and transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with scallion or a few drops of sesame oil.

The dark color of the vegetable mixture may give you a few moments of worry, but keep in mind that it will balance out when you add the cooked rice. If you need to add more soy sauce, simply add it as you stir.

You can use a variety of vegetables to make this recipe, but it’s best to stick with the traditional choices. You can also add a wide range of meats and seafood to this dish, including chicken, beef, prawns, and crab.

In addition to these options, you can also try a vegetarian option that includes bok choy and broccoli. You can also include a variety of seasonings to make this recipe your own.

This is a popular choice for fried rice in Guyana and across the world. It’s a tasty, easy-to-make dish that pairs beautifully with shrimp or grilled chicken.

It’s a favorite for dinner parties or family meals because it’s so versatile. It’s easy to throw together and tastes delicious with just about any protein, vegetable or fruit you can think of!

It is a great choice for those who are on a diet, as it’s low in fat. This is especially useful for those with diabetes, as it can help to manage their blood sugar levels.


Getting the cooking process for guyanese fried rice just right is crucial to its success. Start by making sure you have all of the ingredients prepared ahead of time so that it goes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For this recipe, you will need one and a half cups of white rice along with a few other essentials like oil, butter, salt, and water. Make sure to wash the rice thoroughly before adding it to the pot so that it will cook properly.

Once you have the ingredients ready, begin by preparing the vegetables. Chopped carrots and shredded cabbage are a must for this dish, as well as onions, garlic, grated ginger, Chinese five-spice powder, soy sauce, mushroom sauce, oyster sauce, and scallions for garnish.

Then, mix the rice with all of these flavors and begin to fry it on high heat. Once everything is combined and the rice has a nice golden brown color, remove it from the pan.

If you are serving this fried rice on a special occasion, it is advisable to prepare the entire batch of rice in advance so that it can cook completely before guests arrive at your home. This will help you save time and avoid the need to rush things, which can cause the rice to burn and become dry.

The next step is to season the rice with a mixture of garlic, onion, and pepper. This will give it an added layer of flavor that will help to keep the fried rice from becoming bland and boring. It is a good idea to taste the fried rice at this point so that you can adjust the seasonings as needed.


Guyanese fried rice is a popular rice dish found in both the Caribbean and across the globe. It combines a variety of fresh vegetables and savory sauces to create a delicious fusion dish.

This is a fairly simple recipe that only requires a few pre-cooked ingredients. You’ll need about 1 and a half cups of white rice, a hefty amount of garlic, ginger, a bit of hot pepper flakes and a small bowl of soy sauce. The key is to use a rice cooker to make your life easier (and more tasty!).

The serving size of this concoction is on the smaller side for a full meal but it’s still a decent portion. This fried rice is best served hot with a dash of soy sauce and a few garnishings like finely shredded cabbage or a couple of the bora beans for crunch.

The trick to the best fried rice is to cook it ahead of time so it’s ready to go when you need it. It’s also a good idea to have the proper sized pan and a frying lid on hand so you can keep the heat in while it’s cooking. The most important part is to not overcook the rice – it should be firm but not soggy, with some bite remaining for when you’re ready to mix it all together.

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