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Dean Martin Recipe – Pasta Fazool

Pasta fazool, also known as pasta e fagioli, is an iconic Italian soup composed of beans and pasta that originated as a peasant dish using inexpensive ingredients.

Are you searching for a simple, one-pot recipe? Look no further! This dish can easily be customized with various veggies or substitute the sausage with ground beef, turkey or chicken.


Pasta fazool, also known as pasta e fagioli, is an iconic Italian soup popularized by Dean Martin in his 1952 hit song “That’s Amore,” with the line: “When stars make you drool just-a like pasta fazool – that’s Amore!”

This one pot meal is versatile and easy to customize as desired. Add whatever veggies you love, substitute the sausage for ground beef or turkey, or even make it vegetarian by omitting all meat altogether. Either way, this deliciously rich soup will surely have everyone in your family in love – guaranteed!

In addition to pasta, this soup also contains kidney beans, zucchini and chicken broth. Seasoned with garlic, basil oregano red pepper flakes and cinnamon for an irresistibly flavorful soup that’s ideal year-round!

You can reheat this dish either on the stove top or in the microwave. For larger portions, cook on stovetop for around 20 minutes; stirring occasionally to prevent burning. For smaller batches or individual servings, cover with a microwave-safe lid and heat in microwave for 90 seconds.

Serve this soup with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan cheese on top! It’s an ideal way to utilize leftovers and makes for a quick yet filling lunch or dinner when you need something quick but filling.

For those watching their weight, this soup is a great option as it uses less fat than some other soups. Furthermore, it’s low-carb and gluten free.

This soup has an irresistibly rich and full flavor from spices, herbs and beans. This recipe is ideal for tomato-based soup fans in winter when temperatures are chilly – it will keep you warm and satisfied all day long! Perfect for lunch or dinner, this dish can easily be prepared ahead of time to save time.


Pasta e fagioli, or pasta and beans to the uninitiated, is an Italian peasant dish of meatless noodles in a rich broth. It’s not only hearty but also relatively light on calories that you can easily make using store-bought canned goods.

This white bean and pasta meal is packed with nutrition while being low in fat – ideal for budget meals! Plus, it’s one of those few recipes that’s easily doubled or tripled and keeps for days in tupperware containers. Most importantly, even picky eaters will love it! Whether you need something festive for dinner parties or something nutritious to keep the family warm on cold nights, this recipe should be part of your repertoire.

This irresistibly delicious soup may have an unusual name, and the preparation takes more time than anticipated – but the end result will be worth all the effort!

Cooking Time

Pasta e fagioli, also known as pasta with vegetables, is an iconic Neapolitan peasant soup that’s both delicious and nutritious. While it may not be for everyone, this dish can easily be prepared on either your stovetop or microwave in no time.

This recipe calls for the addition of roasted red pepper soffritos, which add an irresistibly flavor profile and thick and satisfying soup. You may need to add additional broth at the end or when reheating leftovers. But the highlight of this dish is definitely its roasted red pepper soffrito–it gives it its signature smoky kick!

This pasta fazool dean martin recipe is a must-try for your next dinner party or after-work supper. It’s an effortless and enjoyable way to wow your guests with an appetizing dish that’s sure to be remembered fondly.


Dean Martin, known for his ability to make food sound delicious and easy to prepare, is best known for his rendition of the song “That’s Amore.” His passion for pasta fazool (sometimes called pasta e fagioli or just plain pasta) also extends beyond that; when stars make you drool, that’s Amore!

Pasta e fagioli is one of those Italian dishes with as many variations as there are cooks. Originally just pasta and bean soup, its flavor and texture could be greatly altered with additional vegetables, meats or ingredients added in.

In northern Italy, where this dish originated, borlotti beans (fat, pulpy medium-sized beans with light beige color speckled with dark brown flecks) are typically cooked. Other pasta options include ditalini and tubetti.

Individual bowls of soup or large batches of it can be served. If you are serving it with pasta, cook the pasta separately and then add to the soup when ready for serving. Alternatively, if you like your soup thinner than desired, stir in additional broth at either the end of cooking or during reheating.

It’s no wonder why this soup has become so beloved in Italy. Not only does it provide comforting warmth and nourishment on a cold winter night, but its subtle flavors also add an extra layer of pleasure.

Enjoy this pasta fazool any time of year, but it’s especially nice after a hard day outdoors. It also makes an ideal Valentine’s Day dish if there are any leftovers! With such ease of preparation, this dish is ideal for busy weeknights.

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