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Big Spring Mill Seasoned Flour Recipes

Big Spring Mill seasoned flour is popular for baking, coating fried foods and making gravy for biscuits. It can also be used as a roux to thicken sauces and gravies.

The company, which also cranks out animal feed, has been in business for 172 years. But the plant’s owner, Bob Long, plans to retire in August, and the business is closing.

1. Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy are a southern classic, and these soft and fluffy homemade biscuits make a delicious base for savory sausage gravy. A little butter and milk in the dough makes it easy to make these biscuits, and a little seasoned flour adds lots of flavor without a lot of work.

To make these biscuits, simply mix together flour, baking powder and salt. You can use unsalted butter, or a combination of shortening and lard for a tender, flaky, homemade biscuit.

When you’ve made the batter, turn it out onto a lightly floured work surface. If you’re using a food processor, pulse the ingredients to combine. Otherwise, knead the dough by hand a few times. If the dough is sticky, reshape it before stamping out the biscuits.

After stamping out the first round, place a second round of dough on top. This will create a rectangular shape. Repeat this process until all of the dough has been used up. You can also reshape the scraps of dough to cut out additional biscuits.

Once all of the dough has been shaped, brush the tops with a little bit of melted butter. Let the biscuits sit for about 5 minutes, then transfer them to a baking sheet. This will help them rise.

While the biscuits are baking, prepare your gravy. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Scatter a few drops of water in the pan to ensure it doesn’t burn. Crumble the sausage into the pan and cook until it’s completely browned and crumbled, stirring often with a spatula.

Next, sprinkle the sausage with a quarter cup of all-purpose flour. Stir the mixture until it’s absorbed, then slowly pour in the milk. Continue to stir as the milk is poured in, making sure the sauce is smooth and creamy.

If you don’t have buttermilk on hand, use a scant tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar to make your own buttermilk. You can also substitute a small amount of milk for the buttermilk, but don’t add extra milk.

Once the gravy has thickened, serve the biscuits on top of it and enjoy! If you’re looking for a way to add more flavor to this classic breakfast, try adding fresh fruit. Strawberries, melon, or orange slices would be delicious on top of these biscuits!

2. Chicken and Dumplings

Dumplings are an important part of many traditional soups & stews. They can be sweet or savory and can be served with just about any type of filling. They are typically made with flour, water, and seasonings. Some dumplings are filled with meat, while others are made with vegetables or other ingredients.

Big spring mill seasoned flour is a good choice for making homemade dumplings, as it has a consistent taste and texture. It is also less likely to cause problems with leavening agents than other types of flour. It also helps to make baked goods more golden in color.

Oftentimes, the best way to make homemade dumplings is by using refrigerated biscuit dough. This makes it easy to form the dumplings into a variety of sizes and shapes.

To begin the process, add the shredded chicken and broth to a large stockpot. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 5 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Once the broth has come to a simmer, it’s time to add the milk and cornstarch to create a slurry. This will help to thicken the broth and make it a little more creamy. Then, return the shredded chicken to the pot.

While the chicken and broth are cooking, prepare the dumpling dough. I recommend making the dumpling dough while the soup is simmering because it gives you plenty of time to work with the dough. You don’t want to try to prep the dough ahead of time because it loses its airiness & softness – you need it to be light & fluffy to create tender drop dumplings!

The final step is to cut the butter into small pieces – use a pastry cutter or knife to do so. Once the butter is cut into small pieces, add it to the flour mixture and mix well.

This is a classic chicken and dumplings recipe that has been around for centuries. It’s a great dish to serve for any meal, and it’s especially delicious when it is accompanied by a light springtime soup full of fresh produce. It also is an excellent dish to serve during the winter when you are looking for comforting food that’s both light & healthy.

3. Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is one of the most classic comfort foods you can make and it’s also a great way to use up leftover chicken. This dish is a simple combination of shredded chicken, vegetables in a creamy sauce.

This dish can be made ahead of time and then baked right before serving, or it can be frozen in advance and baked later. It is a perfect dish to bake on a cold winter night or for a quick lunch when you are short on time but still want something warm and tasty.

The recipe uses a homemade pie crust, but you can use store-bought dough if you prefer. Just remember to prepare the filling and crust one day in advance and bake the pie on the second day, as directed.

To make this dish you will need a mixture of cooked chicken, frozen peas and carrots, flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, bouillon paste, celery seed, water and milk. This will all be cooked together in a saucepan until thickened and creamy.

Cook the onions and celery in butter for a few minutes until they are tender, then add the flour and gradually add the broth and heavy cream. As the sauce thickens, add the mixed vegetables and chopped chicken.

When the filling is done, pour it into your pie crust and cover with the top crust. Brush the top crust with egg wash before baking.

Preparing a pot pie ahead of time is also a great idea if you have a busy weeknight or are traveling. You can also portion out the filling in ramekins and keep them covered and chilled until you are ready to bake.

This recipe will yield enough filling for about a 12 inch cast iron skillet or two 9-inch pie pans. This amount of filling is perfect for a large family.

This is a classic from scratch meal that will be sure to please the whole family. You will never want to go back to a boxed version!

4. Chicken and Noodles

Chicken and noodles are a classic, comforting meal. They’re easy to make, and a wonderful addition to any dinner table. They’re also a great choice for those who are avoiding gluten because they can be prepared using big spring mill seasoned flour.

It is made with a blend of hard and soft wheat flours, and it has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour. This helps it rise more easily, making it ideal for baking breads and cakes. It is also a good option for baking cookies, since it can help them stay moist and fresh longer.

This seasoned flour is perfect for coating and breading meats, vegetables, and seafood. It also makes gravy for biscuits and gravy.

The flour is manufactured at Big Spring Mill, a small independent flour mill in Elliston, Virginia, that dates to the mid-19th century. Bob Long and his wife, Amy, are the fourth generation to run the company.

He said the mill will shut down in August. The mill produces livestock feed, as well as baking flour, including Virginia’s Best self-rising flour, seasoned flour, and biscuit mix.

Several grocery stores in the area are stocking every last bag of the flour available after Big Spring Mill announced its closure. Some customers, like Danielle Hinkley of Christiansburg, Virginia, have purchased bags to ensure they will be able to get their favorite Big Spring Mill recipe.

Cooking with this seasoned flour is easy and will save you time in the kitchen. It is also a great way to create dishes that are more nutritious for your family.

A few other ingredients can be used to enhance the flavor of this dish, including celery, carrot, onion, bay leaf, and lemon juice. The lemon adds a refreshing and acidic note to the dish, while the celery, carrot, and bay leaf help bring out the flavor of the broth.

The dough for the noodles can be rolled out to about 1/8″ thickness and cut into strips or squares that are approximately 2″ by 2″. Drop these on flour dusted wax paper or parchment paper, cover, and store in the refrigerator until needed.

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