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How to Make a Beef Stroganoff Recipe Without Sour Cream

A classic comfort food, this homemade beef stroganoff is a 30-minute skillet classic made with juicy steak, tender mushrooms and fluffy egg noodles in savory, creamy stroganoff sauce.

Mushrooms add big umami flavor and volume to the sauce. Any type of mushroom can be used, from white button mushrooms to baby bellas or crimini.

Creme Fraiche

Creme fraiche, also spelled cream cheese or cream, is a thick cultured cream that originated in France and translates to “fresh cream.” It’s similar to sour cream but has less fat and a tangier flavor. It’s a great substitute for sour cream in many dishes, and is easy to make at home.

Like sour cream, creme fraiche is cultured with lactic acid bacteria to give it a slightly tangy taste. You can find this type of cream in small tubs at the dairy section of most grocery stores, and it’s delicious on its own or with fresh fruit.

The lactic acid in creme fraiche helps it to be stable at room temperature, which makes it an excellent substitute for sour cream when you want to add a rich tangy taste to a dish but don’t want the curdling effect that sour cream can have when heated. It can be added to soups, stews and sauces for thickening and a tangy texture without breaking down.

You can buy creme fraiche in many supermarkets, but you can also make it at home by stirring together heavy whipping cream and buttermilk for 8 to 24 hours or so. It’s best to store it in the refrigerator so it doesn’t spoil, and you can keep it for up to a week or so before using it.

When you’re ready to use creme fraiche, you can either stir it into a dish or mix it with water for a quick topping. It works well in a number of recipes, including potato salad and fish cake.

In place of creme fraiche, you can substitute sour cream at a ratio of 1:1. You can also try Greek yogurt for a tangy, creamy texture in a pinch.

If you’re looking for a more creamy texture in your beef stroganoff, you can also try cashews. Soaked cashews can be blended with salt, lemon juice and vinegar to replicate the flavor of sour cream. This recipe can be made with or without the sour cream, and it’s a great alternative for those with lactose intolerance.

Greek Yogurt

If you want to make a beef stroganoff recipe without sour cream, Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute. It is lower in fat than sour cream and it still has that lovely tangy flavor you love.

To prepare the dish, start by melting the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onions and mushrooms, and cook until they soften. Deglaze the pan with a splash of wine, making sure to scrape up any stuck brown bits.

Next, stir in garlic and flour. Cook until fragrant, about a minute. Turn the heat down to low, and add a pinch of salt and pepper.

When the mixture has cooled, whisk in the wine and beef broth until combined. Reduce the heat to low and simmer until the sauce is thickened. If needed, stir in cornstarch to make a slurry.

Once the sauce is thickened, stir in the cooked steak. Let the beef reheat for about 5 minutes. Finally, pour in the Greek yogurt (or sour cream).

The dish can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. It can be reheated in the microwave or over low heat on the stove. If it is reheated, be sure not to overheat it since it can curdle.

Another option is to use cottage cheese instead of sour cream. It can be blended with lemon juice and milk to achieve the same sour tang as sour cream.

It is also a good choice for vegetarians or those who don’t consume animal products. It is a mild, substantial part of milk with a slightly thicker texture than sour cream.

Sour cream is a cultured product made from milk that is processed with different cultures and a bit of starch to make it thicker. There are several commercially available options, such as xanthan gum, guar gum, carageenan, or modified food starch.

If you are a lactose intolerant, you can replace the sour cream with cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a dairy product that is made from the leftovers of the cheese making process. It can be very similar to sour cream, and it is very easy to blend into a sour cream-like mixture.

Cream Cheese

A quick and easy beef stroganoff recipe that can be made in the slow cooker. This classic dish is full of tender, flavorful steak and mushrooms in a creamy mushroom sauce served over egg noodles.

Whether you have the classic Russian version or an Americanized version of this classic, this easy dinner is a crowd pleaser. And because it only takes about 30 minutes to make, it’s perfect for a weeknight meal.

The secret to making a great beef stroganoff is softening the cream cheese first, so it will dissolve easily into the sauce. Also, using room temperature sour cream will help to keep the sauce from curdling.

To start, melt two tablespoons of butter over medium heat. Add the steak strips and season with salt and pepper. Sear the meat in a single layer, about 30 to 45 seconds on each side. Transfer the meat to a plate and set aside.

Next, saute the onions and garlic until tender and browned. Then add the mushrooms and cook until the mixture begins to thicken, about 3 to 4 minutes.

When the mixture begins to thicken, stir in beef broth and flour. Then add Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and beef bouillon.

You can use any cut of beef for this dish, but flank steak or skirt steak are a good choice. If you can’t find these cuts, ground beef will work too.

Another option is to make this a vegetarian meal by leaving out the beef. Instead of using egg noodles, use mashed potatoes or rice.

Alternatively, you can add some extra veggies like peas, corn, or chopped spinach to the dish. The addition of these veggies will give the dish a bit of extra color and flavor while still maintaining the classic stroganoff texture and taste.

In the end, this sour cream free beef stroganoff is a simple and delicious way to celebrate the flavors of the season. It’s a perfect addition to any menu for any occasion and is a family favorite that will be sure to leave an impression.


Cornstarch is a kitchen staple that can be found in every pantry. It can be used for thickening a variety of dishes, including gravies, sauces, soups, and custards.

It also softens the proteins in flour and is an important ingredient for making baked goods like cookies more tender. It’s often mixed with egg white to make a process called velveting that tenderizes meats. It’s also a great way to prevent food from sticking together.

You can find cornstarch in any grocery store. It’s a white powder that is extracted from the endosperm of corn kernels. It’s a common thickener in marinades and sauces, but it can also be used to add thickness to puddings or fruit pies.

When making a sauce that uses cornstarch, you need to mix the ingredients thoroughly before adding them to the pan. If you don’t, the starch will not absorb enough moisture and it will separate from the other ingredients.

To avoid this, you need to blend the cornstarch with water at a ratio of one to one before mixing into your recipe. This slurry will help you prevent the cornstarch from clumping up and forming lumps in your dish.

If you’re looking to thicken your dish without using cornstarch, there are many other options that you can choose from. Psyllium husk powder, almond flour, and xanthan gum are all good alternatives to cornstarch that will add bulk to your dish without clumping up.

Another option is arrowroot, which works well in soups and sauces. It will keep the texture of your sauce from becoming lumpy and will provide a glossy, translucent sheen.

Other alternative thickeners include tapioca and rice flours, which are both good alternatives to cornstarch. They have a lot less thickening power than cornstarch but are great for making soups and sauces.

Finally, you can also use unflavored gelatin as a substitute for cornstarch in some recipes. It does not thicken as much as cornstarch, but it will still add a smooth, creamy consistency to your dishes.

While you can use any of the above options as a substitute for cornstarch, it’s best to stick with the original to ensure the consistency and flavor of your dish stays intact.

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