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Baked Mac Recipe Filipino

This baked mac recipe filipino is a Filipino-style pasta casserole made with elbow macaroni, meat sauce and creamy bechamel sauce. It’s a quick and easy meal that is perfect for parties, potlucks or picnics.

It’s a classic Filipino dish that is often topped with sliced hot dogs and cheese, an essential ingredient of the dish. The dish is also referred to as Jolly Spaghetti in the Philippines, which is sweeter and more umami-flavored because it uses banana ketchup.


Baked Macaroni recipe filipino is made of elbow macaroni, cheese and a tomato based meat sauce. It also sported a cheesy bechamel sauce (also known as a béchamel) that has to be made with butter and flour. It’s a must try for any pasta lover! It’s a simple dish to prepare and is a winner at the dinner table or during a party. This Filipino-style macaroni fanciest is sure to impress your guests and leave them asking for the recipe. It is a great choice for family get-togethers, picnics and potlucks. It is not for the faint of heart though as it is a bit on the greasy side!


Baked macaroni is a Filipino pasta dish that is very similar to the Italian mac and cheese but it is a little different. It is not cheese based but instead it is flavoured with tomato and meat. This recipe uses elbow macaroni that is tossed with meat sauce and smothered in cream sauce (also known as bechamel sauce). The flavour of the dish is a combination of savoury and sweet which is why it is so popular in the Philippines.

One of the key components to making this baked mac and cheese is a roux, a mix of butter and flour cooked together over low heat. The roux helps the sauce become stable, meaning it won’t break into gritty curds or separate into greasy pools during baking. It is also a good idea to use good quality cheeses, rather than bagged pre-shredded cheese. This will ensure your mac and cheese melts smoothly in the oven.

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A dish made of elbow macaroni, cheese and a tomato based meat sauce, baked mac recipe filipino is the Filipino version of Mac n’ Cheese. However, unlike the American and Caribbean English versions which are cheesy and creamy, the Filipino version is actually a meaty and sweet dish. This recipe is a crowd pleaser and can easily feed a party of voracious eaters, or the whole family! This is a popular pasta dish in the Philippines and can be served at many occasions from birthdays to “binyags” (christenings) to weddings. It is also a popular holiday meal in the country.


A Filipino version of Mac n’ Cheese, Baked Mac is made of elbow macaroni, tomato based meat sauce and cheese. It looks similar to the English dish but is meatier as it has been adjusted for the Filipino palate which is a combination of savoury sweet and spicy sauce. It comes out of the oven cheesy and meaty with a layer of creamy bechamel sauce and topped with generous amounts of cheese. This baked mac recipe is an easy pasta dish to prepare and can easily feed a crowd. It is ideal for parties and get togethers. This dish is also popular during holidays such as “binyags” (christenings), birthdays, and weddings.

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